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Hi ixtab,

This Jailbreak is cool, thanks a lot! Although I'm just wondering that is there any *uninstall.bin for this jailbreak as itwas for the previous versions?...why I amasking is that I am in a negotiation about getting rid of special offers "officially" so I should restore defaults first I guess.
Is there anyone who could help me out with this? (I have already uninstalled everything else..). Thank's in advance.


Originally Posted by ixtab View Post
Here we go - a jailbreak method that works on Paperwhite devices with Firmware versions 5.2.0, 5.3.0, and 5.3.1.

This jailbreak cannot be installed on newer firmware versions (thank you Amazon, for yet another middle finger!). You have to downgrade to an older version (e.g., 5.3.1) first, install the jailbreak there, then update to the new version. The jailbreak as such will survive the update (but you have to reinstall the Kindlet developer certificates and the rescue pack - see the "re-installation required" notes below).

Thanks to youtube user Hunyadi Zsolt, here is a video of the jailbreak installer in action:

Just download the attached zip, extract it and follow the instructions in the README.txt.

By default, the following "components" are installed:
  • The actual device jailbreak, i.e., the certificate which allows to install custom update packages.
  • The Kindlet developer certificates. (standalone installer package here - re-installation required after firmware update!)
  • The Jailbreak Bridge.
  • The Rescue Pack. (re-installation required after firmware update!)

You can disable individual components by editing the file, but this isn't recommended. After all, there is a very good reason for installing every single one of the components, so I recommend to just stick to the defaults.

It is safe to re-apply the procedure as many times as you want - for instance, if you happen to unregister your device, the developer certificates will be deleted. You can simply re-apply the jailbreak to get them back (only on supported firmwares though).

While it is not recommended to remove the jailbreak - after all, it also allows you to debrick the device - , instructions for doing so can be found here.

PS: And here is another, completely unrelated and off-topic, video:
Yes - completely off-topic, but funny.
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