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irishtexmex began at the beginning.
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Problem converting LRF -> EPUB (Error Details included)

Trying to convert an LRF of a Michael Crichton book to read on my nook, and I keep running into this error:

ERROR: Conversion Error: <b>Failed</b>: Convert book 1 of 1 (Next)

Convert book 1 of 1 (Next)
Resolved conversion options
calibre version: 0.7.12
{'asciiize': False,
 'author_sort': None,
 'authors': None,
 'base_font_size': 0.0,
 'book_producer': None,
 'change_justification': u'original',
 'chapter': u"//*[((name()='h1' or name()='h2') and re:test(., 'chapter|book|section|part\\s+', 'i')) or @class = 'chapter']",
 'chapter_mark': u'pagebreak',
 'comments': None,
 'cover': 'c:\\users\\cory\\appdata\\local\\temp\\calibre_0.7.12_uuchxr.jpeg',
 'debug_pipeline': None,
 'disable_font_rescaling': False,
 'dont_split_on_page_breaks': False,
 'extra_css': None,
 'extract_to': None,
 'flow_size': 260,
 'font_size_mapping': None,
 'footer_regex': u'(?i)(?<=<hr>)((\\s*<a name=\\d+></a>((<img.+?>)*<br>\\s*)?\\d+<br>\\s*.*?\\s*)|(\\s*<a name=\\d+></a>((<img.+?>)*<br>\\s*)?.*?<br>\\s*\\d+))(?=<br>)',
 'header_regex': u'(?i)(?<=<hr>)((\\s*<a name=\\d+></a>((<img.+?>)*<br>\\s*)?\\d+<br>\\s*.*?\\s*)|(\\s*<a name=\\d+></a>((<img.+?>)*<br>\\s*)?.*?<br>\\s*\\d+))(?=<br>)',
 'input_encoding': None,
 'input_profile': <calibre.customize.profiles.InputProfile object at 0x04F3D910>,
 'insert_blank_line': False,
 'insert_metadata': True,
 'isbn': None,
 'keep_ligatures': False,
 'language': None,
 'level1_toc': u'//h:h1',
 'level2_toc': u'//h:h2',
 'level3_toc': None,
 'line_height': 0.0,
 'linearize_tables': False,
 'margin_bottom': 5.0,
 'margin_left': 5.0,
 'margin_right': 5.0,
 'margin_top': 5.0,
 'max_toc_links': 50,
 'no_chapters_in_toc': False,
 'no_default_epub_cover': False,
 'no_inline_navbars': False,
 'no_svg_cover': False,
 'output_profile': <calibre.customize.profiles.NookOutput object at 0x04F3DC90>,
 'page_breaks_before': u"//*[name()='h1' or name()='h2']",
 'prefer_metadata_cover': False,
 'preprocess_html': False,
 'preserve_cover_aspect_ratio': True,
 'pretty_print': True,
 'pubdate': None,
 'publisher': None,
 'rating': None,
 'read_metadata_from_opf': 'c:\\users\\cory\\appdata\\local\\temp\\calibre_0.7.12_duubsh.opf',
 'remove_first_image': True,
 'remove_footer': False,
 'remove_header': False,
 'remove_paragraph_spacing': False,
 'remove_paragraph_spacing_indent_size': 1.5,
 'series': None,
 'series_index': None,
 'tags': None,
 'timestamp': None,
 'title': None,
 'title_sort': None,
 'toc_filter': None,
 'toc_threshold': 6,
 'use_auto_toc': False,
 'verbose': 2}
InputFormatPlugin: LRF Input running
on D:\My Ebooks\Calibre Ebook Libarary\Michael Crichton\Next (62)\Next - Michael Crichton.lrf
Generating XML
Python function terminated unexpectedly
  unpack requires a string argument of length 2 (Error Code: 1)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 103, in main
  File "", line 85, in run_entry_point
  File "site-packages\calibre\utils\ipc\", line 99, in main
  File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\convert\", line 24, in gui_convert
  File "site-packages\calibre\ebooks\conversion\", line 815, in run
  File "site-packages\calibre\customize\", line 207, in __call__
  File "site-packages\calibre\ebooks\lrf\", line 366, in convert
  File "site-packages\calibre\ebooks\lrf\", line 28, in parse
  File "site-packages\calibre\ebooks\lrf\", line 51, in _parse_objects
  File "site-packages\calibre\ebooks\lrf\", line 59, in _parse_object
  File "site-packages\calibre\ebooks\lrf\", line 1257, in get_object
  File "site-packages\calibre\ebooks\lrf\", line 188, in __init__
struct.error: unpack requires a string argument of length 2
Not quite sure if there's a proper subforum for this or if I'm supposed to take a ticket somewhere (?), but some help would be appreciated. I consider myself pretty computer literate, but don't know much about languages and this is all foreign to me. Thank you in advance.
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