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why in?
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Stein, Gertrude: Complete Writings | v.1.0 | 1 Jan 2017

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ID:	153893 Requested by the readers of transition magazine, Gertrude Stein (1874–1946, Wikipedia) published “Bibliography” in 1929. This chronological list of her writings was revised and updated by Robert Bartlett Haas and Donald Clifford Gallup in 1941 (Yale University Library, New Haven), extended by Julian Sawyer in 1948 (Bulletin of Bibliography), and updated again by Richard Bridgman in 1970 (Gertrude Stein in Pieces, Oxford University Press), which, with some additions, forms the basis of this collection, “There is no no. 411. The Complete Writings by Gertrude Stein.” Contained herein are: AA.* The Radcliffe Themes; A. Things As They Are (Q.E.D.); B.* Fernhurst; 1. Three Lives; 2. The Making of Americans; 3. A Man; 4. Five or Six Men; 5. Two Women; 6. Italians; 7. Orta or One Dancing; 8. Four Protégés; 9. Men; 10. Elise Surville; 11. A Kind of Women; 12. A Family of Perhaps Three; 13. Ada; 14. Julia Marlowe; 15. Frost; 16. Purrmann; 17. Russell; 18. Pach; 19. Chalfin; 20. Harriet Fear; 21. Hessel; 22. Roche; 23. Portrait of Constance Fletcher; 24. Rue de Rennes; 25. Bon Marché Weather; 26. Flirting at the Bon Marché; 27. Miss Furr and Miss Skeene; 28. Matisse; 29. Picasso; 30. Manguin A Painter; 31. Play; 32. A Long Gay Book; 33. Many Many Women; 34. Harriet; 35. Two: Gertrude Stein and Her Brother; 36. Tender Buttons; 37. Nadelman; 38. Four Dishonest Ones; 39. Storyette H. M; 40. Galeries Lafayettes; 41. Mabel Dodge at the Villa Curonia; 42. G.M.P.; 43. Jenny, Helen, Hannah, Paul and Peter; 44. Mi-Careme; 45. Monsieur Vollard et Cezanne; 46. A Portrait of One. Harry Phelan Gibb; 47. Scenes. Actions And Dispositions of Relations And Positions; 48. Publishers, The Portrait Gallery And The Manuscripts At The British Museum; 49. A Portrait of F. B.; 50. Portrait of Prince B. D.; 51. England; 52. What Happened. A Five Act Play; 53. One. Carl Van Vechten; 54. Article; 55. White Wines; 56. Braque; 57a. IIIIIIIIII; 58. Old and Old; 59. Susie Asado; 60. Mrs. Th——y; 61. A Curtain Raiser; 62. Miguel (Collusion). Guimpe. Candle; 63. Simons a Bouquet; 65. Thank You; 66. A Sweet Tail (Gypsies); 67. Carnage; 68. Yet Dish; 69. Americans; 70. In; 71. In the Grass (On Spain); 72. Guillaume Apollinaire; 73. Carry; 74. France; 74a. Go in Green; 75. Simon; 76. Bee Time Vine; 77. Irma; 78. A Lide Close. The Story of a Spanish Morrison; 79. Mrs. Edwardes; 80. Preciosilla; 81. Sacred Emily; 82. Meal One; 83. Emp Lace; 84. Series; 85. Tillie; 86. Curtain Let Us; 87. Dates; 88. Four; 89. Finished One; 90. Oval; 91. One or Two. I’ve Finished; 92. Crete; 93. In One; 94. Wear; 95. Gentle Julia; 96. Painted Lace; 97. At; 98. A New Happiness; 99. Mrs. Whitehead; 100. Lockeridge; 101. Mrs. Emerson; 102. Tubene; 103. Bird Jet; 104. One Sentence; 105. Not Slightly. A Play; 106. Pink Melon Joy; 107. Johnny Grey; 108. Study Nature; 109. Possessive Case; 110. No; 111. When We Went Away; 112. Farragut or A Husband’s Recompense; 113. How Could They Marry Her; 114. If you Had Three Husbands; 115. This One Is Serious; 116. He Didn’t Light the Light; 117. David Daisy and Appolonia; 118. Independent Embroidery; 119. I Have No Title To Be Successful; 120. He Said It. Monologue; 121. For the Country Entirely. A Play in Letters; 122. What Does Cook Want To Do; 123. It Was An Accident; 124. Mr. Miranda and William; 125. Henry and I; 126. We Have Eaten Heartily and We Were Alarmed; 127. Letters and Parcels and Wool,; 128. Water Pipe,; 129. Ladies Voices. Curtain Raiser; 130. Every Afternoon. A Dialogue; 131. Advertisements; 132. Do Let Us Go Away. A Play; 133. Let Us Be Easily Careful; 134. Bonne Annee. A Play; 135. Captain William Edwards; 136. Captain Walter Arnold. A Play; 137. In Memory (Polybe Silent); 138. Please Do Not Suffer. A Play; 139. I Like It To Be A Play. A Play; 140. A Very Good House; 141. Turkey and Bones and Eating and We Liked It. A Play; 142. I Often Think About Another; 143. A Collection; 144. I Must Try to Write the History of Belmonte; 145. Universe or Hand-Reading; 146. Mallorcan Stories; 147. Look At Us; 148. Mexico. A Play; 149. Decorations; 150. A Poem About Walberg; 151. All Sunday; 152. Lifting Belly; 153. Miss Cruttwell; 154. The King or Something. (The Public Is Invited To Dance); 155. Marry Nettie; 156. Counting Her Dresses. A Play; 157. Have They Attacked Mary. He Giggled. (A Political Caricature); 158. An Exercise In Analysis. A Play; 159. I Can Feel the Beauty; 160. Will We See Them Again; 161. Why Can Kipling Speak; 162. The Great American Army; 163. Relief Work in France; 164. One Has Not Lost One’s Marguerite; 165. Why Win Wings. On a Hat; 166. In Their Play; 167. Can You Behave Better; 168. What is the Name of a Ring; 169. In the Middle of the Day; 170. Do You Like Your Suit; 171. The Ford; 172. Call it a Table; 173. Third Day Not Thirsty; 174. Can Call Us; 175. Can You See the Name; 176. Exceptional Conduct; 177. Light Butter; 178. James is Nervous; 179. In This Shape Wood; 180. Mirror; 181. Can You Speak; 182. Red Faces; 183. Can You Sit in a Tree; 184. Selected Poems; 185. Work Again; 188. J.R.; 188a. J.R., II; 189. Accents in Alsace. A Reasonable Tragedy; 190. Our Aid; 191. The Meaning of the Bird; 192. A Deserter; 193. A Poetical Plea; 194. Prim Roses; 195. Scenes From the Door; 196. A Patriotic Leading; 197. White Wings; 198. I Expressed My Opinion; 199. Animated; 200. Won; 201. Left Poem; 202. The Work; 203. Old Dogs; 204. Kicking; 205. Then Steal; 206. The Present:; 207. Tourty or Tourtebattre. A Story of The Great War; 208. Ireland; 209. Wood; 210. A Movie; 211. Polish; 212. The Reverie of the Zionist; 213. A League; 214. More League; 215. Events; 216. A Hymn; 217. The Psychology of Nations or What Are You Looking At; 218. Daughter; 219. Next. Life and Letters of Marcel Duchamp; 220. Names of Flowers; 221. Rich and Poor in English. To Subscribe In French And Other Latin Languages; 222. Photograph; 223. Scenery; 224. Coal and Wood; 225. Land of Nations (Subtitle And Ask Asia); 226. Develop Spanish; 227. Land Rising; 228. A Circular Play; 229. Vacation in Britany King or Kangaroo King Or Yellow King Or Marie Claire Suggests A Meadow. And The Use of Thought; 230. Woodrow Wilson; 231. B. B. or The Birthplace of Bonnes; 232. Three Moral Tales; 233. Nest of Dishes; 234. Emily Chadboume; 235. Not a Hole; 236. Curtains Dream; 237. Dinner; 238. Counting; 239. Kites; 240. Readings. [Published as Kisses Can; 241. Separated; 242. Attacks; 243. Jokes for Jessie; 244. Dolphin; 245. Little Pillows; 246. Singing to a Musician; 247. Finish Constance; 248. A Sonatina Followed by Another. Dedicated by Request to D. D; 249. Currents; 250. Mary; 251. Capture Splinters; 252. A Little Cream; 253. Think Again; 254. Read a New Currant; 255. Today We Have a Vacation; 256. Sonnets That Please; 257. Reread Another. A Play. To be played indoors or out. I wish to be a school; 258. Objects Lie on a Table. A Play; 259. As Fine As Melanctha; 260. I Feel a Really Anxious Moment Coming; 261. Mildred’s Thoughts; 262. Didn’t Nelly and Lilly Love You; 263. American Biography and Why Waste It; 264. Saints and Singing. A Play; 265. An Instant Answer or A Hundred Prominent Men; 266. Jo Davidson; 267. A Singular Addition. A Sequel To An Instant Answer Or One Hundred Prominent Men; 268. A Saint in Seven; 269. Lend a Hand or Four Religions; 270. Why Are There Whites To Console. A History in Three Parts; 271. A Valentine To Sherwood Anderson. Idem The Same; 272. Prudence Caution and Foresight. A Story of Avignon; 273. If He Thinks A Novelette of Desertion; 274. Lily Life; 275. Erik Satie; 276. Talks to Saints Or Stories of Saint Remy; 277. Yes You Do; 278. Procession; 279. For Ten:; 280. Praises; 281. Harold Loeb; 282. Fourteen Anonymous Portraits; 283. Cezanne; 284. An Indian Boy; 285. Precepts; 286. A List; 287. Capital Capitals; 288. Jonas Julian Caesar and Samuel; 289. An Elucidation; 291. Practice Of Oratory; 292. Subject-cases: The Background Of A Detective Story; 293. Am I to Go or I’ll Say So; 294. He and They, Hemingway; 295. A Book Concluding With As a Wife Has a Cow A Love Story; 296. Van or Twenty Years After. A Second Portrait of Carl Van Vech-ten; 297. Are There Arithmetics; 298. New; 299. If I Told Him. A Completed Portrait of Picasso; 300. Geography; 301. As Eighty Or Numbered From One To Eighty-One, A Disputation; 302. Are There Six or Another Question; 303. Studies in Conversation; 304. My Dear Coady and Brenner; 305. Equally So. A Description Of All The Incidents Which I Have Observed In Travelling And On My Return; 306. Wherein the South Differs From the North; 307. A Birthday Book; 308. In Which House Did he Live; 309. Wherein Iowa Differs from Kansas and Indiana; 310. Elected Again; 311. The Difference Between the Inhabitants of France and the Inhabitants of the United States of America; 312. Made a Mile Away; 313. Mildred Aldrich Saturday; 314. And So. To Change So. (A Fantasy on Three Careers) Muriel Draper Yvonne Davidson Beatrice Locher; 315. Birth and Marriage; 316. Dahomy Or As Soft A Noise (A Serial); 317. Pictures of Juan Gris; 318. The Brazilian Admiral’s Son; 319. Emmet Addis the Doughboy; A Pastoral; 320. A Description Of The Fifteenth of November. A Portrait of T. S. Eliot; 321. Colored as Colors. A Gift; 322. Descriptions of Literature; 323. Which One Will; 324. To Call It a Day; 325. Man Ray; 326. Near East or Chicago. A Description; 327. After At Once; 328. A Comedy Like That; 329. A History Of Having A Great Many Times Not Continued To Be Friends; 330. Sitwell Edith Sitwell; 331. Early and Late; 332. Or More (or War); 333. Business in Baltimore; 334. Among Negroes; 334a. A Stitch in time saves nine, birds of a feather flock together, chickens come home to roost; 335. A Third; 335a. Review : Troubadour; 336. A Novel of Thank You; 337. Natural Phenomena; 338. Jean Cocteau; 339. Composition as Explanation; 340. Edith Sitwell And Her Brothers The Sitwells And Also To Osbert Sitwell And to S. Sitwell; 341. Allen Tanner; 342. An Acquaintance With Description; 343. Pavlik Tchelitchef Or Adrian Arthur; 344. Lipschitz; 344a. A Little Novel; 345. Patriarchal Poetry; 346. Regular Regularly in Narrative; 347. Duchess de Rohan. A Writer; 348. A Diary; 349. Four Saints in Three Acts. An Opera to be Sung; 350. Felicity In Moon light. A Traveler’s Story; 351. Two Spaniards; 352. By the Way; 353. Hurlbut; 354. Relieve; 355. One Spaniard; 356. Admit; 357. An Advantage; 358. Love A Delight; 359. With A Wife; 360. Three Sitting Here; 361. The Life Of Juan Gris. The Life And Death of Juan Gris; 362. Lucy Church Amiably; 362a. Advertisement; 364. Finally George A Vocabulary Of Thinking; 365. Dan Raffel A Nephew; 366. To Virgil And Eugene; 367. A Lyrical Opera Made By Two To Be Sung; 368. Arthur a Grammar; 369. J. H. Jane Heap; 370. The d’Aiguys; 371. Paisieu; 372. A Bouquet. Their wills; 373. George Hugnet; 374. Christian Berard; 375. Virgil Thomson; 376. Sentences; 377. Answer : Why I Do Not Live in America; 378. Advertisement; 378a. Introducing; 379. Bernard Fay; 380. For-get-me-not. To Janet:; 381. Basket; 381a. Letter to Little Review. [Answers to Jane Heap]; 382. Film. Deux Soeurs Qui Ne Sont Pas Soeurs; 383. Five Words in a Line; 384. More Grammar Genia Berman; 385. Saving the Sentence; 386. Kristians Tonny; 387. G. Maratier; 388. Paragraphs; 389. Bibliography; 390. Sentences and Paragraphs; 391. The Return; 392. Evidence; 393. Absolutely As Bob Brown Or Bobbed Brown; 394. Eric De Haulleville; 395. Madame de Clermont-Tonnerre; 396. Bravig Imbs; 397. Madame Langlois; 398. Parlor; 399. More Grammar For A Sentence; 400. A Grammarian; 401. At Present A Play. Nothing But Contemporaries Allowed; 402. Grace, or Yves de Longevialle; 403. Title, Sub-Title; 404. The Pilgrims. Thoughts about Master Pieces; 405. Why Willows; 406. Pay Me; 407. How are Fears; 408. To Kitty Or Kate Buss; 409. Before the Flowers of Friendship Faded Friendship Faded; 410. To Pierre De Massot; 412. We Came a History; 413. History Or Messages From History; 414. A French Rooster. A History. ; 415. Abel; 416. Madame Recamier An Opera; 417. They Weighed Weighed-Layed A Drama of Aphorisms; 418. Narrative; 419. To Help. In Case of Accident; 419a. An Historic Drama In Memory of Winnie Elliot; 420. Will He Come Back Better. Second Historic Drama. In the Country; 420a.* Third Historic Drama; 421. Politeness; 422. Louis XI and Madame Giraud; 423. Play I [-III],; 425. Say it With Flowers. A Play; 426. The Five Georges. A Play; 427. Left to Right; 428. Hotel François Ier; 429. Forensics; 430. Brim Beauvais, a Novelette; 431. She Bowed To Her Brother; 432. Grant or Rutherford B. Hayes; 433. Poems; 434. Winning His Way. A Narrative Poem of Poetry; 436. Lynn And The College De France; 437. They Must. Be Wedded. To Their Wife. A Play; 438. Civilization. A Play In Three Acts; 439. A Ballad; 440. Thoughts On An American Contemporary Feeling; 441. A Play Without Roses Portrait of Eugene Jolas; 442. A Play of Pounds; 443. Marguerite Or A Simple Novel of High Life; 444. Bartholomew Arnold or After The War Is Over; 445. A Manoir An Historic Play In Which They Are Approached More Often; 446. A Play A Lion for Max Jacob; 447. Short Sentences; 448. A Little Love Of Life; 449. Here. Actualities; 450. Margite Marguerite and Margherita; 451. Stanzas In Meditation; 452. The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas; 453. Scenery and George Washington; 453a. Preface. Picabia; 454. A Plan for Planting; 455. Byron A Play But Which They Say Byron A Play; 455a. A Poem; 457. Story of a Book; 458. Four in America; 459. Or a History of the United States of America; 460. First Page; 461. Blood On The Dining-Room Floor; 462. Lucy La Fontaine; 463. Afterwards; 464a. Or. And Then Silence A Portrait of a Frenchman; 465. Answer to ‘Metanthropological Crisis’. [Answer to Eugene Jolas]; 465a. Page IX; 466. And Now; 467. The Superstitions of Fred Anneday, Annday, Anday; A Novel of Real Life; 469. Lectures In America; 470. Plays and Landscapes; 472. Meditations On Being About To Visit My Native Land; 473a. Sir Francis Rose; 474. Stieglitz; 474a. Pathe; 476. Preface; 477. I Came and Here I Am; 478. The Capital and Capitals of the United States of America; 479. American Newspapers; 480. American Education and Colleges; 481. American States and Cities and How They Differ From Each Other; 482. American Crimes and How They Matter; 483. American Food and American Houses; 484. Narration; 485. The Geographical History Of America Or The Relation Of Human Nature To The Human Mind; 486. Identity a Poem; 487. Identity a Tale; 488. A Political Series; 489. What Are Master-pieces and Why Are There So Few of Them; 490. How Writing is Written; 491. Paintings by Elie Lascaux; 491a. Mark Twain Centenary; 492. An American and France; 493. Listen to Me. A Play; 494. A Play called Not and Now; 495. Review: Oscar Wilde Discovers America; 496. Everybody’s Autobiography; 497. A Waterfall and a Piano; 498. Is Dead; 499. Money; 500. More about Money; 501. Still More About Money; 502. All About Money; 503. My Last About Money; 504. Butter Will Melt; 506. What Does She See When She Shuts Her Eyes; 507. The Autobiography of Rose; 508. Daniel Webster Eighteen In America A Play; 510. La Baronne Pierlot; 511. Why I Like Detective Stories; 512. Ida; 514. Picasso [In English]; 515. Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights; 516. The World is Round; 517a. Lucretia Borgia. A Play; 518. Catalogue of an Exhibition of Paintings by Francis Rose; 519. My Debt to Books; 520a. A Portrait Of Daisy To Daisy On Her Birthday; 523. Helen Button A Story of War-Time; 525. Paris France; 526. Answer to The Situation in American Writing; 527. Prothalamium for Bobolink And His Louisa; 528. My Life with Dogs; 529. To Do: A Book of Alphabets and Birthdays; 530. Ida A Novel; 531. The Winner Loses, A Picture of Occupied France; 532. Superstitions; 533. Mrs. Reynolds A Novel; 537. The Gertrude Stein First Reader; 538. Sherwood’s Sweetness; 541. Wars I Have Seen; 543. In A Garden A Tragedy In One Act; 544. Three Sisters Who Are Not Sisters A Melodrama; 545. Look and Long; 546. Realism in novels; 547. A Poem about the end of the war; 548. American language and literature; 550. What a day; 551. Broadcast at Voiron; 553. Yes is for a Very Young Man; 558. Off We All Went to See Germany; 559. The New Hope in Our ‘Sad Young Men.’; 560. Brewsie and Willie; 561. To Americans; 562. From Dark to Day; 565. The Mother of Us All; 566. Abstract painting; 567. A Message From Gertrude Stein; 568. Raoul Dufy; 571. Reflection On The Atomic Bomb. 47 rare texts are still missing (57. Marsden Hartley; 64. In General; 186. Rich in the City; 187. Monday and Tuesday; 290. A Village. Are You Ready Yet Not Yet. A Play in Four Acts; 363. A bouquet; 424. Genuine Creative Ability; 435. Review: Yesterday’s Burdens; 456. Letter to Bernard Fay; 464. Detective Story; 468. Qu’est-ce je pense de la France; 471. Letter to Vanity Fair; 475. Chicago Inscriptions; 476a. Gertrude Stein to Cousins in Baltimore; 484a. Review: Puzzled America; 485a. Letter to Freddy; 487a. Identity a Poem a Story and a History; 505. (Part of) Letter to the Atlantic; 509. Quelques Oeuvres Récentes de Sir Francis Rose; 509a. Selections; 512a. Conversation à Belignin; 513. Picasso [In French]; 517. Arthur and Jenny; 518a. Excerpts from Gertrude Stein’s Letters; 520. Paris and English Painting; 521. Les Superstitions; 521a. Letter to Batsford; 522. Actually Writing; 524. My Dear Miss Steloff; 534. Francis Picabia; 535. La Langue Française; 536. The United States of America; 539. Translation of and introduction to Pétain’s Paroles aux Français; 540. Conference à Belley; 542. Castles they live in. Castles on the wall; 549. La Voix de L’Amérique; 550a. Lyon broadcast; 552. L’Amérique est mon pays; 554. En Savoie; 555. We Are Back in Paris; 556. Le Retour A Paris; 557. Découverte D’Un Peintre; 557a. France-Amérique; 563. Introduction; 564. Everything; 569. John Breon a novel or a play; 570. Meditations) and will be added if I or someone else can find them. Texts have been obtained from various online sources and proofed, whenever possible, against scans of the books, but as the majority of books weren’t available in digital form, I have scanned, ocr’ed and corrected them myself. All texts have been formatted to resemble the original (and often quite idiosyncratic) layout as closely as possible, so you might want to refrain from choosing the font size too big. An alphabetical index and one by book publication should make it easy to find texts. In 1988 Bruce Kellner complained that “Neither Gertrude Stein nor her editors did readers good service in printing her work out of chronological sequence. […] However, until such time as [someone issues] Gertrude Stein’s complete output in the order of its composition, readers will be obliged to rely on her present published shelf of books.” The time has come. Best regards, pynch.
This work is assumed to be in the Life+70 public domain OR the copyright holder has given specific permission for distribution. Copyright laws differ throughout the world, and it may still be under copyright in some countries. Before downloading, please check your country's copyright laws. If the book is under copyright in your country, do not download or redistribute this work.

To report a copyright violation you can contact us here.
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Dr. Drib ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.Dr. Drib ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.Dr. Drib ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.Dr. Drib ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.Dr. Drib ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.Dr. Drib ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.Dr. Drib ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.Dr. Drib ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.Dr. Drib ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.Dr. Drib ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.Dr. Drib ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.
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A superb contribution to ebook-making and an indispensable guide to Gertrude Stein's writings.


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