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Ideas to improve the system viewer. Feasibility, worth the effort?

Hi guys,

I've been thinking of possible enhancements for my DR besides support for multiple image TIFF files. I happen to love the system viewer concepts, and the enhancements I have in mind would be beneficial to browse any kind of images and image-like based ebooks like PDFs. So I was wondering if it is feasible to add some functionality to the viewer itself, kind of a super-plugin that would get called by the viewer for everything, call the real plugins to open files in behalf of the original viewer and add this new functionality 'on the fly'.

My dreamed enhancements are:

-Ability to jump to next file, just like the old viewer, only updating the tab title

-Ability to define a 'user area' per book.

While in 'full page' mode, the user would be able to define a rectangular area which would be used to crop every page of the file. It is pretty much like the old 'marginless' PDF mode only better, because it could be used with true image-based files too (where blank spcae can't be easily calculated), and it would allow to get repetitive footers and viewers, border watermarks, etc. out of sight too if desired.

The 'full page' toolbar button would cycle between 4 possible values:
-'full page' as we know it, only it would allow to [re]define the 'user area' via a new toolbar button
-'zoom 1' would be contents zoomed so that either width or height of the user area fills the screen as much as possible and has only minimal margins to both sides. (I assume user areas and original files will rarely have the same aspect ratio).
-'zoom 2' would be contents zoomed further so that the other dimension of the user area fills the screen, and the page overflows it in the first dimension.
-'arbitrary zoom + pan' mode if 'magnify selection' has been used.

-'Page starting border' and 'page turning mode'. For each book, the user will be able to select a preferred 'starting border' which would be one of 'up', 'bottom', 'left', 'right' or 'none', and a default 'turning mode' which would be 'horizontal' or 'vertical' for all pages in the book.

The whole idea behind this is virtually concatenating not the pages in the book but the user areas (of course, you'd only notice this in continuous mode, like in the normal viewer) either horizontally or vertically. This would not only allow for minimal screen space waste, but it would also allow to:
-Read an entire book pressing only one sensor when in continuous mode: be it either vertical or horizontal, when the end of a screen-overflowing page reaches the screen border, the next page enters the screen right from there.
-When not in 'continuous mode', every page (the user area, actually) is automatically aligned with that screen border when first displayed, so no need to keep scrolling back back to start reading every new page. Of course, choosing 'starting border: none' would keep the overflowed area state the same between page turns, just like the viewer does now.

Like this, it would be equally easy to read right-to-left, or bottom up, or whatever, great for double-page scans, mangas and all kinds of weird stuff I've bumped into.

So, what do you think? Is it possible? Even if it's not, do you see any value in these ideas for an enhanced viewer interface?
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