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Old 07-12-2011, 10:28 AM   #1
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migsilva began at the beginning.
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Feedburner general recipe

Hi all

Can someone please let me now or post a working example of a recipe that accesses a newspaper or magazine that requires a password and uses feedburner?

I am trying to write a recipe for Valor Econômico (Brazil), but I am not getting anywhere...

By the way, I do have a password for the service...

thank you

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Bortolotto began at the beginning.
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The built-in recipe for "Strategy+Business" requires a registered user (it's for free). You can try it to understand the registration process! But, I don't know if it uses feedburner.

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fluzao began at the beginning.
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Financial Times (UK Printed Edition) uses login+password.

Bom ver brasileiros por aqui. Eu queria fazer uma receita para a Revista Piauí, mas estou tomando uma surra. Alguém se habilita?
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Starson17 can program the VCR without an owner's manual.Starson17 can program the VCR without an owner's manual.Starson17 can program the VCR without an owner's manual.Starson17 can program the VCR without an owner's manual.Starson17 can program the VCR without an owner's manual.Starson17 can program the VCR without an owner's manual.Starson17 can program the VCR without an owner's manual.Starson17 can program the VCR without an owner's manual.Starson17 can program the VCR without an owner's manual.Starson17 can program the VCR without an owner's manual.Starson17 can program the VCR without an owner's manual.
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Originally Posted by migsilva View Post
Hi all

Can someone please let me now or post a working example of a recipe that accesses a newspaper or magazine that requires a password and uses feedburner?
There's nothing special about feedburner as a source. These builtins use feedburner feeds:

recipes\adventuregamers.recipe/56:     feeds = [(u'Articles', u'')]
recipes\ajiajin.recipe/21:     feeds          = [(u'blog', u'')]
recipes\american_thinker.recipe/38:     feeds = [(u''),
recipes\american_thinker.recipe/39: 		     (u'')
recipes\amspec.recipe/40:     feeds = [ (u'Articles', u'')]
recipes\an_druma_mor.recipe/11:     feeds          = [(u'Nuacht Laeth\xfail', u'')]
recipes\avantaje.recipe/53:                         (u'Feeds', u'')
recipes\baltimore_sun.recipe/173:         print article.get('feedburner_origlink', article.get('guid', article.get('link')))
recipes\baltimore_sun.recipe/174:         return article.get('feedburner_origlink', article.get('guid', article.get('link')))
recipes\big_oven.recipe/40:         url = article.get('feedburner_origlink',article.get('link', None))
recipes\big_oven.recipe/72:                    (u'Recipe Of The Day', u'')]
recipes\big_picture.recipe/12:     feeds          = [(u'Big Picture', u'')]
recipes\biggovernment.recipe/18:     feeds = [(u'Big Government', u'')]
recipes\business_insider.recipe/44:               (u'Latest'      , u''                          )
recipes\business_insider.recipe/45:              ,(u'Markets'     , u''                              )
recipes\business_insider.recipe/46:              ,(u'Wall Street' , u''                              )
recipes\business_insider.recipe/47:              ,(u'Tech'        , u'')
recipes\business_insider.recipe/48:              ,(u'The Wire'    , u''                   )
recipes\business_insider.recipe/49:              ,(u'War Room'    , u''                   )
recipes\business_insider.recipe/50:              ,(u'Sports'      , u''                )
recipes\business_insider.recipe/51:              ,(u'Tools'       , u''                     )
recipes\business_insider.recipe/52:              ,(u'Travel'      , u''                    )
recipes\carta.recipe/42:     feeds =  [ (u'Carta', u'') ]
recipes\catholic_news_agency.recipe/10:     feeds          = [(u'U.S. News', u''),
recipes\catholic_news_agency.recipe/11: 		(u'Vatican', u''),
recipes\catholic_news_agency.recipe/12: 		(u'Bishops Corner', u''),
recipes\catholic_news_agency.recipe/13: 		(u'Saint of the Day', u'')]
recipes\chicago_breaking_news.recipe/33:     feeds = [(u'Breaking news', u'')]
recipes\chicago_tribune.recipe/70:              ('iPhone Blog', ''),
recipes\chicago_tribune.recipe/76:         print article.get('feedburner_origlink', article.get('guid', article.get('link')))
recipes\chicago_tribune.recipe/77:         return article.get('feedburner_origlink', article.get('guid', article.get('link')))
recipes\climate_progress.recipe/45:     feeds = [(u'Posts', u'')]
recipes\coding_horror.recipe/40:     feeds = [(u'Articles', u'' )]
recipes\cosmopolitan.recipe/46:                   (u'Articulos', u'')
recipes\cracked_com.recipe/17:     feeds = [ (u'Articles', u'') ]
recipes\dailyreckoning.recipe/31:     feeds = [(u'Articles', u'')]
recipes\dailyreckoning.recipe/43:         return article.get('feedburner_origlink', article.get('link'))
recipes\dawn.recipe/27:     feeds.append((u'Pakistan News', u''))
recipes\dawn.recipe/28:     feeds.append((u'World News', u''))
recipes\dawn.recipe/29:     feeds.append((u'Business News', u''))
recipes\dawn.recipe/30:     feeds.append((u'Sport News', u''))
recipes\dawn.recipe/31:     feeds.append((u'Cricket News', u''))
recipes\dawn.recipe/32:     feeds.append((u'Sci-tech News', u''))
recipes\dawn.recipe/33:     feeds.append((u'Entertainment News', u''))
recipes\dawn.recipe/34:     feeds.append((u'Columnists', u''))
recipes\de_standaard.recipe/24:     feeds          = [(u'De Standaard Online', u'')]
recipes\di.recipe/37: 		(u'Dziennik Internaut\u00f3w', u'')
recipes\diario_sport.recipe/13:     feeds          = [(u'Sport', u'')]
recipes\dilbert.recipe/34:         return article.get('feedburner_origlink', None)
recipes\dosisdiarias.recipe/31:     feeds = [(u'Dosis diaria', u'' )]
recipes\drivelry.recipe/26:  ''),
recipes\ecogeek.recipe/32:     feeds = [(u'Posts', u'')]
recipes\economist_free.recipe/36:                 '',
recipes\ecotrend.recipe/42:     feeds = [(u'Articles', u'')]
recipes\elclubdelebook.recipe/41:     feeds = [(u'Articulos', u'')]
recipes\epicurious.recipe/41:              (u'Blogs ', u'')
recipes\epl_talk.recipe/47:                (u'EPL Talk', u''),
recipes\epl_talk.recipe/48:                (u'MLS Talk', u''),
recipes\explosm.recipe/17:              (u'Explosm Feed', u'')
recipes\fan_graphs.recipe/29:     (u'Fangraphs', u''),
recipes\fan_graphs.recipe/30:     (u'Rotographs', u''),
recipes\fastcompany.recipe/38:     feeds          = [(u'All News', u'')]
recipes\financialsense.recipe/44:     feeds = [(u'Articles', u'')]
recipes\flickr.recipe/46:                      (u'BLOG', u''),
recipes\freakonomics.recipe/16:     feeds = [('Blog', '')]
recipes\futurismic.recipe/33:     feeds = [(u'Posts', u'')]
recipes\gamasutra_fa.recipe/45:     feeds = [(u'Feature Articles', u'')]
recipes\gamasutra_news.recipe/37:     feeds = [(u'News', u'')]
recipes\geek_poke.recipe/35:     feeds          = [(u'Geek and Poke', u'')]
recipes\glamour.recipe/32:                     (u'Save the Date', u''),
recipes\glamour.recipe/34:                     (u'Save the Date', u''),
recipes\glennbeck.recipe/22:     feeds = [(u'Glenn Beck', u'')]
recipes\go4it.recipe/44:            (u'Feeds', u'')
recipes\hallo_assen.recipe/30:     feeds          = [(u'Ons Nieuws', u''), (u'Politie', u''), (u'Rechtbank', u''), (u'Justitie', u''), (u'Evenementen', u''), (u'Cultuur', u''), (u'Politiek', u''), (u'Economie', u'')]
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/42:              ('Breaking News', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/43:              ('Nation/World News', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/44:              ('Connecticut News', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/45:              ('Hartford News', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/46:              ('West Hartford News', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/47:              ('Bristol', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/48:              ('Politics', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/49:              ('Opinion', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/50:              ('Editorials', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/51:              ('Letters', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/52:              ('Bob Englehart', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/53:              ('Business', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/54:              ('Sports', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/55:              ('Features', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/56:              ('Consumer', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/57:              ('Shopping', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/58:              ('Arts & Theater', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/59:              ('Entertainment', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/60:              ('Music', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/61:              ('TV', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/62:              ('Movies', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/63:              #('Metromix headlines', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/64:              #('Metromix events', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/65:              #('Metromix restaurants', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/66:              ('Outdoors', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/67:              ('Peter Marteka', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/68:              ('Susan Campbell', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/69:              ('Helen Ubinas', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/70:              ('Jim Shea', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/71:              ('Tom Condon', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/72:              ('Colin McEnroe', ''),
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/77:         print article.get('feedburner_origlink', article.get('guid', article.get('link')))
recipes\hartford_courant.recipe/78:         return article.get('feedburner_origlink', article.get('guid', article.get('link')))
recipes\hna.recipe/60:     feeds =  [ ('hna_soehre', ''),
recipes\hna.recipe/61: 	       ('hna_kassel', '') ]
recipes\hotair.recipe/39:         ('Hot Air', ''),
recipes\hotair.recipe/40:         ('The Greenroom', '')
recipes\imperatortravel.recipe/64:                         (u'Feeds', u'')
recipes\iprofesional.recipe/48:               (u'Ultimas noticias'  , u'')
recipes\iprofesional.recipe/49:              ,(u'Finanzas'          , u''            )
recipes\iprofesional.recipe/50:              ,(u'Impuestos'         , u''           )
recipes\iprofesional.recipe/51:              ,(u'Negocios'          , u''            )
recipes\iprofesional.recipe/52:              ,(u'Comercio Exterior' , u''   )
recipes\iprofesional.recipe/53:              ,(u'Tecnologia'        , u''          )
recipes\iprofesional.recipe/54:              ,(u'Management'        , u''           )
recipes\iprofesional.recipe/55:              ,(u'Marketing'         , u''           )
recipes\iprofesional.recipe/56:              ,(u'Legales'           , u''             )
recipes\iprofesional.recipe/57:              ,(u'Autos'             , u''               )
recipes\iprofesional.recipe/58:              ,(u'Vinos'             , u''       )
recipes\journalofaccountancy.recipe/45:     feeds.append((u'Journal of Accountancy', u''))
recipes\kompiutierra.recipe/25:     feeds = [(u'Компьютерра-Онлайн', ''),]
recipes\kukuburi.recipe/28:         (u'Kukuburi', u'')
recipes\laprensa_hn.recipe/44:     feeds = [(u'Noticias', u'')]
recipes\latimes.recipe/71:              ,(u'Arts&Culture'         , u''     )
recipes\latimes.recipe/72:              ,(u'Entertainment News'   , u''         )
recipes\latimes.recipe/73:              ,(u'Movie News'           , u''  )
recipes\latimes.recipe/74:              ,(u'Movie Reviews'        , u''                     )
recipes\latimes.recipe/75:              ,(u'Music News'           , u''   )
recipes\latimes.recipe/76:              ,(u'Pop Album Reviews'    , u''           )
recipes\latimes.recipe/77:              ,(u'Restaurant Reviews'   , u''          )
recipes\latimes.recipe/78:              ,(u'Theatar and Dance'    , u''                )
recipes\latimes.recipe/84:              ,(u'Commentary'           , u''   )
recipes\lavanguardia.recipe/38:                             (u'Portada'           , u''   )
recipes\lavanguardia.recipe/39:                           ,(u'Cultura'              , u''      )
recipes\lavanguardia.recipe/40:                            ,(u'Deportes'             , u''     )
recipes\lavanguardia.recipe/41:                            ,(u'Economia'             , u''     )
recipes\lavanguardia.recipe/42:                            ,(u'El lector opina'      , u''  )
recipes\lavanguardia.recipe/43:                            ,(u'Gente y TV'           , u''        )
recipes\lavanguardia.recipe/44:                            ,(u'Internacional'        , u'')
recipes\lavanguardia.recipe/45:                            ,(u'Internet y tecnologia', u''     )
recipes\lavanguardia.recipe/46:                            ,(u'Motor'                , u''        )
recipes\lavanguardia.recipe/47:                            ,(u'Politica'             , u''     )
recipes\lavanguardia.recipe/48:                            ,(u'Sucesos'             , u''      )
recipes\ledevoir.recipe/54:                        (u'Edition complete', ''),
recipes\marctv.recipe/30:     feeds          = [(u'Spiele', u''), (u'Leben', u''), (u'Medien', u'')]
recipes\michellemalkin.recipe/44:     feeds = [(u'')]
recipes\motherjones.recipe/40:     feeds.append((u'Latest News', u''))
recipes\motherjones.recipe/84:         Some of the feeds are served by feedburner (grr). Then the workaround to get their
recipes\motherjones.recipe/87:         if hasattr(article, 'feedburner_origlink'):
recipes\motherjones.recipe/88:             return article.feedburner_origlink
recipes\new_london_day.recipe/61:         return article.get('feedburner_origlink', article.get('guid', article.get('link')))
recipes\nme.recipe/38:     (u'NME News', u''),
recipes\nme.recipe/39:     (u'Reviews', u''),
recipes\now_toronto.recipe/22:         epub_feed = ""
recipes\now_toronto.recipe/23:         url = soup.find(name = 'feedburner:origlink').string
recipes\orlando_sentinel.recipe/10: 	(u'Opinion', u''),
recipes\orlando_sentinel.recipe/11: 	(u'Business', u''),
recipes\orlando_sentinel.recipe/12: 	(u'Technology', u''),
recipes\orlando_sentinel.recipe/13: 	(u'Space and Science', u''),
recipes\orlando_sentinel.recipe/14: 	(u'Entertainment', u''),
recipes\orlando_sentinel.recipe/15: 	(u'Life and Family', u''),
recipes\orlando_sentinel.recipe/9: 	(u'News', u''),
recipes\osnews_pl.recipe/34:         (u'', u'')
recipes\pajama.recipe/28:  ''),
recipes\peterschiff.recipe/47:     feeds = [(u'Articles', u'')]
recipes\physics_world.recipe/24:                           (u'Headlines News', u'')
recipes\praguemonitor.recipe/32:     feeds = [(u'All Articles', u'')]
recipes\psychologies.recipe/55:                         (u'Feeds', u'')
recipes\publico.recipe/30:                         (u'Geral', u''),
recipes\publico.recipe/30:                         (u'Mundo', u''),
recipes\publico.recipe/31:                         (u'Pol\xedtica', u''),
recipes\publico.recipe/32:                         (u'Economia', u''),
recipes\publico.recipe/33:                         (u'Desporto', u''),
recipes\publico.recipe/34:                         (u'Sociedade', u''),
recipes\publico.recipe/35:                         (u'Educa\xe7\xe3o', u''),
recipes\publico.recipe/36:                         (u'Ci\xeancias', u''),
recipes\publico.recipe/37:                         (u'Ecosfera', u''),
recipes\publico.recipe/38:                         (u'Cultura', u''),
recipes\publico.recipe/39:                         (u'Local', u''),
recipes\publico.recipe/40:                         (u'Tecnologia', u'')
recipes\salon.recipe/28:         ('War Room', ''),
recipes\salon.recipe/29:         ('Joan Walsh', ''),
recipes\salon.recipe/30:         ('Glenn Greenwald', ''),
recipes\salon.recipe/32:         ('Ask the Pilot', ''),
recipes\salon.recipe/33:         ('How World Works', ''),
recipes\salon.recipe/34:         ('Life', ''),
recipes\salon.recipe/35:         ('Broadsheet', ''),
recipes\salon.recipe/36:         ('Movie Reviews', ''),
recipes\salon.recipe/37:         ('Film Salon', ''),
recipes\salon.recipe/38:         ('TV', ''),
recipes\salon.recipe/39:         ('Books', '')
recipes\scinexx.recipe/14:     feeds          = [(u'', u'')]
recipes\scott_hanselman.recipe/40:     feeds = [(u'Articles', u'' )]
recipes\seanhannity.recipe/28: 	     ('Content Feed', u'')
recipes\serverside.recipe/23:     feeds = [ (u'News', u'')]
recipes\smith.recipe/29:  ''),
recipes\smith.recipe/31:  ''),
recipes\smith.recipe/33:  ''),
recipes\smith.recipe/35:  ''),
recipes\smith.recipe/37:  ''),
recipes\strategy-business.recipe/54:     feeds.append((u'Finance', u''))
recipes\strategy-business.recipe/55:     feeds.append((u'Global Perspective', u''))
recipes\strategy-business.recipe/56:     feeds.append((u'Innovation', u''))
recipes\strategy-business.recipe/57:     feeds.append((u'Marketing And Sales', u''))
recipes\strategy-business.recipe/58:     feeds.append((u'Operations And Manufacturing', u''))
recipes\strategy-business.recipe/59:     feeds.append((u'Organizations And People', u''))
recipes\strategy-business.recipe/60:     feeds.append((u'Strategy And Leadership', u''))
recipes\strategy-business.recipe/61:     feeds.append((u'Sustainability', u''))
recipes\strategy-business.recipe/62:     feeds.append((u'Auto, Airlines And Transport', u''))
recipes\strategy-business.recipe/63:     feeds.append((u'Consumer Products', u''))
recipes\strategy-business.recipe/64:     feeds.append((u'Energy', u''))
recipes\strategy-business.recipe/65:     feeds.append((u'Health Care', u''))
recipes\strategy-business.recipe/66:     feeds.append((u'Technology', u''))
recipes\strategy-business.recipe/67:     feeds.append((u'Thought Leaders', u''))
recipes\strategy-business.recipe/68:     feeds.append((u'Business Literature', u''))
recipes\strategy-business.recipe/69:     feeds.append((u'Recent Research', u''))
recipes\teleread.recipe/26:         return article.get('feedburner_origlink', article.get('link', article.get('guid')))
recipes\thedgesingapore.recipe/48:     feeds = [(u'Articles', u'')]
recipes\theonlinephotographer.recipe/33:     feeds              = [(u'Articles', u'')]
recipes\trombon.recipe/47:                         (u'Feeds', u'')
recipes\uncrate.recipe/49:     feeds = [(u'Articles', u'')]
recipes\variety.recipe/35:     feeds = [(u'News & Articles', u'' )]
recipes\virtualshackles.recipe/30:     feeds = [(u'Virtual Shackles', u'' )]
recipes\viva.recipe/68:                          (u'Vedete', u'')
recipes\viva.recipe/69:                         ,(u'Evenimente', u'')
recipes\viva.recipe/70:                         ,(u'Frumusete', u'')
recipes\viva.recipe/71:                         ,(u'Noutati', u'')
recipes\walrusmag.recipe/20:                       ('Walrus Magazine', ''),
recipes\wikinews_en.recipe/47:     feeds = [(u'News', u'')]
recipes\words_without_borders.recipe/25:     feeds          = [(u'wwb', u'')]
recipes\wvhooligan.recipe/48:                (u'Stories', u''),
recipes\yakima_herald.recipe/20:                       (u'Yakima Herald Online', u''),
recipes\zdnet.recipe/59:     feeds =  [ ('zdnet', '') ]
recipes\zerohedge.recipe/33:     feeds = [(u'Articles', u'')]

See the NYT section here for password handling:
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Revista Piaui - Primeira Versão (Piaui Magazine - First Version)

Originally Posted by fluzao View Post
Financial Times (UK Printed Edition) uses login+password.

Bom ver brasileiros por aqui. Eu queria fazer uma receita para a Revista Piauí, mas estou tomando uma surra. Alguém se habilita?
Você pode ver este post (You can see this post):
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newez began at the beginning.
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Search for RSS Feed on Paper Site.

Copy & paste RSS Feeds Into Receipe..
Look at Other Reciepies to Get the Idea..
name it and Save it..
Then add it to Schedule Download Group..
test feed..
a Couple of Steps Involved..
Otherwire Email Papper for RSS Links..
Good Luck.. !!!
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