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Old 05-14-2010, 07:02 AM   #1
Edge User
Android on e-ink screen (video)

I think that eDGe techs must see this video
Was made on 1st generation of e-ink screen kit. It can work faster on eDGe screen. And it'll be very good to allow users to choose wich display to use (lcd or e-ink) for each apps.
Old 05-14-2010, 09:16 AM   #2
Edge User
Suweeeet! I don't know if I want to run the 'home screen' on the e-ink, but certainly some apps. This would also lend to the can we use a USB keyboard to type into journals discussion.
Old 05-14-2010, 10:16 AM   #3
Edge User
Yes. And e-ink speed is enough to view video and you must see the speed of the latest gen of e-ink
Old 05-14-2010, 12:57 PM   #4
Edge User
it will be fantastic to do 4 things:
1) transfer any image/screen to e-ink screen. imagine you browse BBC News or New York Times on lcd screen and you want to read it in your sunny garden (not here in Manchester, UK), you just select this option and have it on the the e-ink. Entourage! I am very frustrated I can not read my favorite news in the garden, which I can do it on the AlexReader!
2) Read and answer to your emails outside in bright light! imagine the envy of the IPAD users!
3) use the lcd in display mode as a large full size keyboard while the word2go displays the text on the e-ink. Ideal for students and writers that are likely to use the EE tablet. Imagine again the perplex Ipad users. also will be gently on your eyes. I will love this
4) use the e-ink with stylus as a keyboard while having the full lcd as a laptop screen.
I will settle for 1 and 2 to start with. If I be EE I will open the device to developers. I has such a great potential. If camera and flash will work soon I hope, this will bring the unit to a new level. It is such a good device, but is lacking a lot. I just hope they sell enough to progress as a company and bring the software support on this device to what it could be. This can be better than a laptop replacement.
Old 05-14-2010, 04:14 PM   #5
Edge User
vicinc has some great ideas, I would like to see them all come about.
Old 05-14-2010, 04:45 PM   #6
Edge User
vicinc it's exactly the way I wanted to use eDGe while ordering. When I finally get it, I was very frustrated (my bad, that I didn't read the forum before ordering).
Also I checked the eDGe firmware e.t.c., and found that they use many different open-sources projects (OSP), and the only non OSP stuff is e-ink reader (adobe), e-ink journal, and library, everything else (include e-ink driver) seems to be GPL e.t.c.

So if I get root (or SDK at least), think there'll no problems to make eDGe better. Alias, there's no way to work with e-ink without root access. Allready tried it today. But may be there's someone who know linux-directfb better than me. Really hope so.

p.s. and yes, eDGe can be rooted, but I don't want to lose warranty.
Old 05-14-2010, 07:21 PM   #7
Edge User
Oh well I am a marketing consultant and sometimes a have a good intuition of what makes a good product. So EE my advise is coming here free and if you do those 4 things on my wish list I will promote your product free as will be an amazing new device....
1) alexreader is already able to do point 1 on my list, see bellow. Touch and extend seems to be the magic words. Is android, less powerful, smaller screen. But software-wise more advanced.
I would not mind paying USD50 for Edge TURBO (TM) that will be an edge with the extra software as per my 1-4 points. I hope the EE Management is reading those lines and they care about customers. AlexReader is still android and same technology, so if they managed touch and extend to e ink screen on lower specs device, that means they have better programmers
2) regarding rooting devices, this is what made Nexus 1 and other HTC androids so popular, you can root the device, play with it, if you get bored you can restore to standard rom. See XDADEVELOPERS forum. There should be a fail safe booting procedure that will enable to get stock rom from a SD card. People buying an EE device are clever, innovative people that want to experiment otherwise they will buy a Nook or an Ipad (or both). I suggest that Edge developers to have a better communication with the users and allow experimental roms. THIS IS NOT A PHONE LOCKED TO A NETWORK. Anything or anybody that can make this device better should be helped. This is how the progress is made and the newer versions will benefit.
3) apparently we will have to wait 'till june to get android 2.1 and already 2.2 is out with flash imminent. I can not understand this latency in reaction.

The Alex Dual Screen eReader
The fundamental difference between Alex and other eReaders is that it intuitively and elegantly integrates its two displays, com- bining the efficiency and reading comfort of the EPD display with the responsiveness, multimedia, and browsing capabilities of the LCD display.
See The Best Of Two Screens
The Alex full color 3.5 touchscreen LCD screen is ideal for web browsing, while the 6 EPD screen displays like a printed page and text is adjustable for easy extended reading. Or view content on two screens simultaneously with Alex’s dual screen “Touch and Extend.

Last edited by vicinc; 05-14-2010 at 07:23 PM.
Old 05-14-2010, 10:31 PM   #8
Edge User
I think android on the eink side is a great idea and can be very beneficial with the power saving capability of eink. It will be very interesting to see how Entourage has implemented this technology on the edge with this upcoming update. I can't wait to test it out.
Old 05-15-2010, 10:54 AM   #9
Edge User
no entourage admin commenting on my 4 points wish list?
Old 05-15-2010, 03:35 PM   #10
Edge User
cheers. we will do.
Old 05-16-2010, 05:02 PM   #11
Edge User

I still second your ideas!

So that makes 2 for feature request.

Who will vote next?

(let's unite!)
Old 05-16-2010, 07:00 PM   #12
Edge User
I started lobbying the screen freeze idea (press and hold the rotate button and select transfer to e-ink). so you can have anything you want (including web browser dumps ) to e-ink. if you like this please lobby it with entourage. it can be a big bonus for marketing. imagine a video showing this: press one button, select transfer to e-ink, turn the machine around to e-ink screen. Presto, job done, for browser or any screen dump!! Entourage I hope you listen to your users.
I bet this will double your sales.

Last edited by vicinc; 05-16-2010 at 10:07 PM.
Old 05-16-2010, 07:20 PM   #13
Edge User
I just find out that EE used S1D13521 - Epson's e-ink controller which can update e-ink at 50frames per seconds!
So probably EE can use e-ink display to display video, games e.t.c. (and internet browsing for sure). It's all depends on EE developers.
Old 05-16-2010, 10:09 PM   #14
Edge User
yes, controller may support but not the display. how can we find if controller is at least 16 greys tones?
Old 05-16-2010, 10:11 PM   #15
Edge User
Originally Posted by borisb View Post
Hmmm. Does the eInk display support 50 fps, though? Why does the EE take a visible amount of time to switch pages if it can do 50 page switches per second?

Sort of like how putting a Porcshe engine in my 12 year old Ford minivan won't make my minivan go 200 mph
I think so, too. The controller might be able to drive it according to specs, but the physical display itself might not be capable of switching images that fast. (Sort of like hooking up dual SLI cards to drive a stock VGA monitor. They won't make the monitor work any better than the monitor's specs.)

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