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Old 12-13-2009, 08:02 PM   #1
e-reading :)
qpid360 began at the beginning.
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nook v. kindle 2 comparison?

Does anyone have both devices? I'm still a bit unsure about keeping my nook. I like it a lot, but I don't LOVE it. It seems like the majority still prefer the Kindle 2.

I'd like a thorough comparison if anyone has both devices. It would be much appreciated!
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Texan08 began at the beginning.
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I have both the Kindle 2 and the Nook, so far I rather the Kindle 2, The Nook is slow when its first turned on when you start to read, It dose's have a clear screen though I'll give it that much, but still messing with it.
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Old 12-13-2009, 10:01 PM   #3
Trubu will become famous soon enoughTrubu will become famous soon enoughTrubu will become famous soon enoughTrubu will become famous soon enoughTrubu will become famous soon enoughTrubu will become famous soon enough
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I have both. In terms of form factor and industrial design, I like the nook quite a bit better than the Kindle 2. The contoured back really helps the nook to rest naturally in the hand, like a comfortable, beaten-up old paperback - it just feels a lot more inviting and "book-like" than the K2's flat tablet design. Sturdier as well - the Kindle always seems too fragile to me to use without a case, but I'd have no qualms about doing so with the nook. I also much prefer the nook's sleek front with the touchscreen and the smaller bezel to the K2's large bezel and mess of buttons. The wifi and SD card slot are nice too, although I don't really miss them on the Kindle.

As for the screens, I don't see any real difference in clarity or contrast between them (since they're identical hardware, I guess that's to be expected). Page turns on the nook are slower, but not as bad as some people have made them out to be.

On the software side, the Kindle 2 easily wins, since the nook's current firmware is a little unpolished, to put it kindly. The Kindle is just generally snappier and more responsive throughout the UI, and getting to the content you want to read is a lot quicker and easier than on the nook. The purchasing process is simple and painless too - unlike the nook, where I still can't read either of the two books I initially bought due to DRM and file format issues. The Kindle has the benefit of mature firmware, and it really shows.

So, functionally, the Kindle 2 is the clear winner right now - but I expect most of the issues I have with the nook to be resolved by firmware updates. Assuming that happens, I think it would be a toss-up as to which one is better, and would mostly come down to personal preference - things like the touchscreen vs. the Kindle joystick for navigation (no clear winner right now IMO - I think they both kind of suck).

If I were you, I'd hang on to the nook for at least a month or two and see how much it's improved by firmware updates, and then make a decision on whether to keep it or go with the Kindle.
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Old 12-14-2009, 12:06 PM   #4
bzImage doesn't litterbzImage doesn't litter
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Have both, and after some days of using the nook, i just go back to my kindle 2 and put the nook on sale yesterday.

The nook has a nice design and the color screen is great, but the software, gui and the delays on everything really kill the reading experience.

I really don't deserve to wait for a firmware update, heck, i paid top dollar for this device and now i feel frustrated every time i try to use it.

After some days of using the nook, returning to the kindle 2 was like a breath of fresh air.

I even try to say "well, is not that bad, is not so slow, it don't crashes so often, it don't lags so much 'formating'.... " but i was simply lying to myself, so i don't feel so bad about the purchase of the nook.

I was really happy on my firsts days with my kindle 2, im really frustrated with my first days with the nook, simply as that..

I was going to give this nook as a christmas present to my wife.. not any more.. it would cause her more problems that happines..

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