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The Abortion % Murder Mystery Prelude

Emily’s your All-American eighteen-year-old brown-hair’d hazel-ey’d girl next door. She just finished highschool, and is getting ready to start college in Manhattan in the Fall. Fashion Design. . . .

Presently, she’s dating a twenty-nine-year-old bartender in the city. The two break up, him breaking up with her. While this break up is taking place, Emily, out of anger, or seemingly so at the time, tells him, I’m gonna kill you!

Days later, Emily hits him with her car and he’s dead! She said it was an accident. The bartender at the time was dating several other women besides Emily. Six of these women were present during the accident. Emily and these women all have conflicting stories about what happened, and all these women have issues and flaws and motives.

Emily’s being held in lock-up. She’s being charged with murder. Her parents hire William and Catherine to get her out. Her parents don’t have a lot of money, though, so Catherine, whose charitable spirit knows no limits, volunteers and takes the case on her own, against William’s advice.

Catherine hires her younger cousin Meredith Huntington, a thirty-year-old blind woman who never went to law school but passed the bar.

Meredith is cut from the same cloth as Catherine. She’s fair. Charitable. Has a certain charm about her. And a progressive mind with a deep understanding.

During the hot summer months, she and Catherine talk to all the women who knew this bartender, discovering some interesting facts that could help young Emily out. Infidelity and abortion are the two main issues. And what they discover from these women is nothing less than shocking! Their views and understanding on these two specific topics leave both women speechless at times.

Meredith’s views on such subjects as religion, justice and life are of a nature that few people have the comprehension level to grasp. She’s a blind woman! Living in the dark. Her views on such matters, cross-pollinated with the free-enterprises of infidelity and abortion, far exceed the depths and heights of the mind of our legal heroine Catherine and her ilk:

Meredith touches on such matters as nothingness, through the mind of a person who was born blind and who has never seen light! With mathematical reasoning, she takes on the roar of infinite regression, and with ease and simplicity, like petting a cat, and making it purr, purrrrrrr—, she appeases it effortlessly. She touches on Milton’s free-will, the crux of time, and the Platinum Rule, and her main thinking that Catherine decides to give a try. But most of all, she gives Catherine insights into what she thinks about the abortion percentages and the rationale behind the Isaac Complex, and her view on infidelity in a hyper-modern society.

The case is a tricky nightmare for Catherine! She doesn’t know who to believe: All these women that the bartender was dating all seem genuine. But Meredith, like a dog can smell fear, can recognize scorn and jealousy and deceit and payback: She has a bionic ear, can detect the slightest hesitations and off-inflections in a person’s speech, and knows what’s what.

They discover exactly what happened! Catherine is shocked and dismayed! —and wants to act accordingly. But Meredith has something else in mind.

For Catherine to go along with her, she’ll have to make one of the toughest decisions in her life. She has to choose between the overall good of egg empowerment, or what she knows is a clear cut case of right and wrong!

Mainstream Mystery. The fourth novella of The Empire State Murder Mystery Series—

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law, modern issues, mystery, suspense, women detectives

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