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Post Port of alternative djvu viewer to 302

Just finished porting the djvu viewer with alternative rendering modes to the 302!
I didn't quite work out how to select the menu with the keys as I was missing the left and right button. So I added an even more intuitive render selection mode:

While reading:
double click near the top left corner ---> full grayscale mode
double click near the bottom left corner --- > display only foreground layer
double click near the bottom right corner --> display foreground layer in highest possible contrast.

1) extract attachment
2) copy to system/bin (internal memory)

This will make this alternative application the only djvu viewer. If you delete this file the native pocketbook viewer will be used again. So you won't destroy anything.

If you want to have the option you have to rename the file to something different but leave it in system/bin. Then you need to add an extensions.cfg file as well. Please see other threads on how to create this file.

Also there is a djvu file for testing. Sure ideally you won't have such terrible djvu files with such a dark background but you will see with this program what you can achieve even from terrible files.

If you have perfect (or nearly perfect) djvu files you won't see a difference between pocketbooks version and my version (and not between the modes). But as there are many scans of which are not perfect I saw myself in the need to develop this program.

Here are two screenshots:
The grayscale mode (the only mode of pocketbooks version) and the black and white mode of the foreground layer.
Hope you enjoy it!

EDIT: 16 Feb. 2011 - updated version to djviewer-b-0.0.3c

- added feature: gray line when switching to next screen
- sensitive corners reduced in size. Now only the about one cm near the corner changes the rendering mode
- removed a few bugs which were related to a bad mapping of the keys

Current key mapping (for 302):

the left bottom button:
a) goes to next screen if not the whole page has been displayed
b) in the zoom menu you will select the next symbol to the right

the left top button:
a) goes back a page or displays the top of the page
b) in the zoom menu this button will change the option (increase). For example you can increase the zoom here.

All other key mappings were not changed and those key mappings above were added. So everyone who has a navigation key can still use the left and right keys and the up and down keys to make their selection.

EDIT: 17 Feb. 2011 - updated version to djviewer-b-0.0.3d

It is quite funny to notice that after the version was updated to 3c that still 10-20 people downloaded the first file. Well, please be aware that the earlier versions might have some bugs which may have been removed in a later version.
In general terms there not a single reason why you want to download not the latest files.
If you link to those files it is recommended that you don't link directly to the attachment but to this post so that people can read some additional notes as well. You're very much encouraged to report bugs or post feature requests but please make sure first that you're using the latest version.

Also please be aware that the source code which was/is available to me is not identical with the version installed on most firmwares. This means that all enhancements which were added in later firmwares by Pocketbook have to be reinvented. In a different post I've explained this in more detail. But this might explain why one or the other feature might look a bit different (e.g. the zoom menu or the quickmenu).

Changes in djviewer-b-0.0.3d:

+ the gray line is rendered with the page
Our friends on the russian forum have noticed that the gray line is rendered after the page has been drawn. They commented that it is likely that this will consume more power and they encouraged me to render the gray line with the page and draw all at once.

+ quick menu appears on touchdown not pointerup
The source code I had available was not showing the quickmenu if the pen has been moved (even so slightly). This means that in effect it was rather difficult to get the quickmenu. This version has fixed this issue and the quickmenu appears immediately when the pointer hits the screen in the center. This should make the quickmenu far more accessible.

+ updated design of the render menu (in the zoom menu box)
There are now three symbols instead of one. Each symbol can change directly to the desired rendering mode

+ pointer handler in zoom menu
Again, the source code which I used as a basis for my program didn't handle pointer events in the zoom menu at all. This feature is now added. This means that the keys are not necessary to choose an option from the zoom/rendering menu. Although they will still work according to the mapping mentioned above.

+ when the pointer selects a manual zoom mode the window is not closed
The added feature above closes immediately the zoomer box once one option has been selected. This is good for all options apart from the manual zoom options (a manual zoom mode is the finetuned percentage selection or the n-column zoom mode.) If the pointer hits now one of those manual options the option is selected but not closed. This allows the user to change (increase) the option with the top left key.

Enjoy. is the latest version.
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