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Originally Posted by PeterT View Post
My wife experienced issues when she went to update her Touch to the 2.4 series of firmware; it hung on the same smiley screen. I tried a few things, and finally just left it plugged in for some time to ensure the battery was fully charged.

I then did the reset reboot (with the unit powered off, hold down the home button and power on) which initiated a factory reset and all was fine (apart from having to reload all content etc).
Thanks - its good advice. The desktop did update the software on the ereader so I guess it was something to do with that. Such a waste of time sorting it all out, you'd have thought Kobo would have found whatever makes it freeze up/corrupt and fix it.

After considerable time (and advice from you guys) we're back up and running. I had other plans for my Sunday evening though!

Thanks for your help.
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