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Originally Posted by Tiersten View Post
What HarryT said. Don't do this.

As I doubt you'll listen, here are technical reasons why you shouldn't do this. You end up connected to the Amazon Whispernet network. You don't have unrestricted access to the internet and you obviously can't make or receive calls. Only web access is allowed and it has to go via Amazon web proxy servers. Some countries don't have unrestricted web access via 3G and are restricted to the Kindle store and Wikipedia. If Amazon notice you doing this which is very likely since your usage pattern won't be anything like a normal Kindle then they're going to ban you and your Kindle as this violates the Kindle terms of service.
Not really, moderators, please don't ban me for saying this, but the Kindle no longer connects to Whispernet Proxies when roaming. Try it yourself, buy the Kindle in your home country, take the SIM out, put it in your iPads or PS Vitas, it works, I assure you. Just set the [Mod: details deleted] and your good to go. I know someone who uses the 3G for over 6 months, and uses it to check emails in Singapore (I think, or another Asian country where internet is expensive) and it works fine!

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