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Question Questions about getting started with Kindle hacking

Hi. This is my first post here. I want to try some of the stuff you guys made for the kindle touch. Eventually I want to try writing my own applications for the kindle. I'm going to try learning Java over the summer (I already know C, C++, and MPASM).

My understanding is that before I can do any of this I need to jailbreak my kindle (Or get the official SDK but amazon doesn't seem to let anyone in the beta).

Right now I am still running 5.0.4, since 5.1.0 came out a while ago - Is it worth it to update? Several posts here < , , , seem to indicate that amazon screwed some stuff up in this release.

After reading the forum I am now confused if jailbreaking and 5.1.0 work well together. These threads <, seems to say that the jailbreak and launcher on 5.0.4 make it hard to install the update after jailbreaking. Conversely, this thread seems to say that 5.1.0 creates issues with installing the jailbreak and launcher. So which am I supposed to do first?

The only previous "hack" I have is those screen rotate mp3s from when I had still 5.0.0 . Since I enjoyed being able to rotate the screen I had 5.0.0 on my kindle for the longest time but it automatically updated one day to 5.0.4 . If 5.1.0 is really a step backward for 3rd party development is there any way to disable automatic updates and use a jailbroken 5.0.4 with screen rotation hacks or should I just update to finally get official screen rotation support?

So what order do I do this in to make this as painless as possible?
-Do I jailbreak 5.0.4 first?
-Or do I install 5.1 first (if at all?) ?
-Keep waiting until 5.1.x and hope that amazon fixes everything?
-Or does it make no difference?

Also after updating to 5.0.4 Text To Speech started acting up. On those occasions, there is no sound from either the speakers or headphones when I start Text to Speech (defeating the point of this feature). It seems to go back to normal when I reset the kindle by powering it off and on, only to start intermittently acting up again a few days later. I'm wondering if it is related to having the old mp3 exploit on my kindle when it updated. Any idea what causes this and how to fix it? Could I have physically damaged the audio jack (somehow)?

Since they don't work in either 5.0.4 or 5.1.0 regardless, how do I get rid of the old mp3 hack? Do I just have to delete the files I copied? Do a factory reset? I don't want them to interfere with anything else.

Or is there no connection with them and the text to speech issue? Would this mean I need to send the kindle to be repaired? If thats the case does any of this hacking violate the warranty? Which would kinda suck since the main advantage of amazon seems to be their awesome customer support. I've known people who cracked the screen open and amazon was able to send them a replacement at no charge.

Thanks for your help. Sorry for all the questions.
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