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Originally Posted by oldyellr View Post
Not a bug, per se, but an addition to my wish list for the eReader. It's very basic compared to others, even the original Kobo reader. It annoys me no end if I browse other parts of a book (either deliberately or by accident) that I can't get back to where I was reading unless I memorize the chapter and page number. There needs to be a way to bookmark your place, not by just leaving the book.
Not to be pedantic, but if we start filling this thread up with wish lists, it dilutes it's purpose and makes Darnielle's job that little bit harder...

The Kobo Touch has a Wish List thread that's stickied, it may be an idea to put a request into the mods for a Wish List for new software for the Vox. The Kobo people seem to be quite interested in what we've got to say.

For what it's worth, I'm actually keeping my Touch as it's FAR better for simply reading books than the Vox.

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