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Device: Kindle 3g + wifi Firmware: 3.2.1
SSH USB Networking - Peer to Peer computer USB cable link

This is brief write-up of how I got a USB peer to peer USB cable link to work with my new Kindle 3g using Win7 x64 and SSH with WinSCP. A huge thank you to all who have helped and this fantastic forum.

There seem to be many posts all about using wifi, but not many with a USB cable. It was the latter I was interested in order to simply update the browser bookmarks file see link and maybe other files occasionally.

I followed disi's post from earlier in this thread but I became stuck with the Windows RNIDS driver - I tried the Windows Mobile Device Centre one and one from my Android devices. I eventually came across this one posted by kinx (see link) for a Xerox printer - I extracted it from the original link and attached it below. Surprisingly though it does work. Thank you too to badbob001 and his post with help on WinSCP.

Please note it is a pre-requisite that you have Jailbreak and usb Networking installed see this post

  1. On the Kindle enter commands:
  2. Connect the Kindle to the computer via usb, Windows 7 will probably complain about a missing driver. Point Windows to the folder containing the RNIDS driver (you need to extract it from the archive).
  3. The default configured usb networking addresses are for the pc and for the Kindle. These are setup in the config file for the usbNetwork hack on the Kindle. You don't however need to change them.
    Goto Network Sharing Centre on the pc and set the pc local area connection to ip address to, subnet
  4. To connect with WinSCP client to transfer files:
    Create a new session filling in fields for 'Host name' (, User name (root), and Private Key File (blank - WinSCP does not support private key passphrases).
    If you have done everything correctly you should get a "Welcome to Kindle!" message.
  5. To add a custom command for refreshing the Kindle:
    1. Preferences > Commands > Add...
    2. Description: Refresh Kindle
    3. Custom Command: dbus-send --system /default com.lab126.powerd.resuming int32:1
    4. (x) Remote command
    5. To invoke the command, either Files > Custom Commands > Refresh Kindle
Originally Posted by badbob001 View Post
INFO: One issue you'll face is that after transferring files over, the Kindle doesn't know to refresh its index as it does when you unmount from usb. Alt-Z will usually show updates in the Pictures folder but does nothing for Documents. From a ssh connection, you can run the following to trigger a refresh: "dbus-send --system /default com.lab126.powerd.resuming int32:1". If you mix this command with Alt-Z, you may get duplicates so just stick to the command. Also for some reason, new documents may show up but not shown as the newest, so sort by title to find them.
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