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Loeffel began at the beginning.
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Hi Jackie,

I have no experience in Python at all, I have never programmed in Python.

To answer your questions:
  • the Kindle is detected and managed by Calibre, so the variables are filled as expected for other Calibre compatible devices
  • If the Kindle is jailbreaked, then there is a directory called linkjail (not implemented yet, will put it into the code when I found out how!)
  • the screensaver mod is installed when there is a directory linkss\screensaver (not implemented yet, same as above) and this is also the directory where the files are always copyied to
  • the file format or better grafik format for the Kindle screensaver mod is png, jpg or gif (my modification of you code creates jpg files)
  • the user still have the choice wether to maintain the aspect ration or not, and it is taken from the plugin configuration as in your code. I copyied the Sony code and with this code the aspect ratio wasn't maintained as choosen, so I used parts of the pocketbook code. I still need to check something out for this code, as I haven't closed the loaded picture and I am not sure if the memory will free up again after finishing the plugin. Under Linux with Apache and PHP Image Magick doesn't!
  • the Kindle makes a reset, when an empty file reboot is created in linkss (already implemented)
  • I have only a Kindle 3 3G, a friend of mine has a Sony, but I can't say which. So I can normally only test the Kindle! I know from the jailbreak threads I found that the jailbreak for the other Kindle(2+DX) has the same files and folders as they haven't changed it

I've looked for the jailbreak and it is really one of the Mobileread forums threads, it can be found here.
My actual plugin is the same as yours. I've just added the Kindle to the code and only the Kindle has the unique file name system implemented (I have changed it to the name "cover_book title", as I don't know the other devices. I understand your concern about it and I think then it would be the best to add this as an option too. The managing of deleting files again is sure interesting, but far off the scale for now.
But I think that isn't a real problem, because someone who jailbreaked its Kindle also knows how to do this. Ok, someone could have one, his friend has jailbreaked from him but I think that would be rare. Additionally normally he would still be able to get the help from this friend.

So the mod of your plugin is usable for Sony PRS-350/650/950, Pocketbook 360, Kindle 2/3/DX.

For the new implementation of the mod I need to have a look at it by now I just used your code and added the jailbreaked Kindle.

I am still playing around with it. If it makes to the forum or not isn't important. I just wanted to be sure, as there might be others interested in this.
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