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supert began at the beginning.
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[root@kindle usbnet]# cat info.txt
$Id: info.txt 6575 2010-07-28 21:28:05Z NiLuJe $

Hello! If you're wondering what all this weird stuff on your Kindle is,
I'm a usbnetwork hack! There's a good chance that I came from here:

I'm at version 0.11.N, so, if you wish to uninstall me, you'll at least need
the uninstaller from that version.

NOTE: Rename the 'DISABLED_auto' file to 'auto' if you want your Kindle to act
as Ethernet Over USB instead of Mass Storage USB by default.

-- NiLuJe
I'm using a DX G, though I don't think it matters.
If you can telnet from your PC then your telnetd is running. What do you get from
# ps aux | grep telnet

I am now trying to set up a script so telnetd runs on boot.
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