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Users tips, apps and FAQs for the new reader models


There is quite a bit of information going around this forum, and quite a bit more on the German and the Russian one, so I thought it might be helpful to gather what we know in a single spot. Of course I must have missed a lot of stuff, which we could add below. And of course, if you spot any mistakes, please let me know!

Opening your PB
: see here

SD card:
- Inserting the card.
Must be inserted with gold "teeth" facing upwards, going in first. The card has to be pushed in quite a bit. In Troll05's words "you will need a bit of a fingernail to insert the card proper. It has to be pushed against a small spring and there will be a quite audible "Click" when it locks. Releasing your finger the card should remain approx. 1 mm inside the reader". If you do not trust your nails, in the same thread teofrast suggest using a small coin to push the card in.

- Card recognition
Not all card can be read: I do not know which ones work, but if you tell me we can list them here. Here is a list of those that have proved to work:

- Apacer, 8GB, class 4 (AP8GMCSH4-R) (tomhck)
- Lexar MicroSDHC 32GB Class 10 card - worked with files already on it (gcobb, PB602)
- Kingmax microSDHC 8 GB class 10, KM08GMCSDHC101A (m@rcus, PB903)
- Kingston 32GB class 4 micro SD card (Adam I, PB603)
- Kingston 8GB class 4 mSD card (Jino, PB903, and Yemeth, PB602) - these need a workaround, i.e. you must copy some epub files on teh empty mSD card from your PC (see here).
- Lexar 8GB class 6 MicroSD (rkomar, PB902)
- PNY 8GB Micro SDHC Class 4 Memory Card (Lester Burnham, PB902)
- RiDATA 32Gb Class 10 (qariwa55, PB602)
- Sandisk micro-sdhc 8gb class 2 card (J.C., PB602)*.
- Sandisk Mobile microSDHC 4GB Card (doublezed, PB603, no need to put files on it)
- SanDisk MicroSDHC 4 GB Mobile Ultra Class 4 (Hekse-mie, PB603 and PB903, no need to format or put content on the card)
SanDisk MicroSDHC 16 GB Mobile Ultra Class 4 (Hekse-mie, PB603 and PB903, no need to format or put content on the card)
- Sandisk micro-sdhc 32G class 2 (atango, PB902)
- Sony 8gb class 4, code number SR-8A4/T (teofrast, PB902)*
- TDK MicroSD Trans Flash Memory Card Class 2 (Hekse-mie, PB603 and PB903, no need to format or put content on the card)
- Transcend MicroSDHC 32GB (Class 2) (akeix, PB603, and make sure you format it first)
- Transcend MicroSDHC 8GB (Class 4) (paola, PB903)

* as for Jino's, these cards too had files on them to be on the safe side.


You can download the image files from here: 603 612 902 903 912

EXPERIMENTAL - "Fast Driver" version of 2.1.2:
- 912
- 903
- 902
- 612
- 603
- 602

Versions 2.1.0, 2.1.1 and beta versions of 2.1.2 are no longer available, but you can ask in the forum, and somebody will res[ond (I've got several of these image files, if not all)

2.1 Past firmware versions: 2.0.6 It is 2.0.6, available here for the European versions. For the North American versions see as follows:

2.2 Version 2.0.5: Available as follows (European version):

2.3 Version 2.0.4: available here
Known issues: updating the firmware will get rid of the "games" directory, so before updating make sure you have a backup.

2.4 Version 2.0.3 (North American version for X02 only): It is still available on the US site, and simple geusswork gets you the EURO and CIS versions, so grab it while you can:
Firmware 2.0.3 for PB602, NA
Firmware 2.0.3 for PB602, EURO
Firmware 2.0.3 for PB602, CIS
Firmware 2.0.3 for PB902, NA
Firmware 2.0.3 for PB902, EURO
Firmware 2.0.3 for PB902, CIS

3. updating firmware: you can either do this by copying the file on the sd card, or you can copy the file directly in the internal memory (if you do not have a card). Note that any file on the device has priority on files on the SD card. Remember to remove the file from the device after the update. FROM VERSION 2.0.5 ONWARDS IT SHOULD BE POSSIBLE TO UPDATE THE DEVICE AUTOMATICALLY

Do refer to the Developer's subforum for the latest developments. Currently available SDK versions are as follows:

- latest version released in November, available here

- version 2.0.6 released on June 2nd can be downloaded here

For the unofficial SDK, look here (with thanks to sergeyvl12)

Known bugs
For all models:
  • Problem: Themes do not work.
  • Problem: if using bookmarks, the book does not reopen. Solution: do not use bookmarks
  • Problem: the web-browser re-writes the config file each time, so does not save any changes to the appearances (font size, bookmarks), while it does retain history. Solution: hopefully fixed in the next firmware version.

1. charging light colour: it can stay amber even if the device is fully charged.
2. wall charger: should deliver 5V/1000mA DC

1. Text To Speech (TTS): available here

2. utility to create/edit your own keyboard: thanks to M@rkus, available here

User developed applications:

** WEB related **
1. Improved Midori Browser (courtesy of review): look here

2. RSS newsfeeders
2.1 Review's RSS feeder: here.
2.2 Igor's programme (but works via PC, a bit like Calibre): here.

3. Application to run wifi radio(courtesy of review): here.

4. Utility to switch the wifi on and off (courtesy fo review): see here.

5. youryfdr's synthesiser (for X03 models): here

6. sergueyv's modified LINKS browser (for the Pro models): here

7. osowiecki's modified Aurora browser to browse sites offline (for the Pro models): here

1. Utility for remote shell access:

1.a for review's app: see here

1.b see also the discussion on poterm: here

1.c Yuryfdr's additions to Uroboros' poterm: it is here

2 mamaich's instructions to get to the root of your pocketbook: it is here

1 rkomar's UI program for popping up dialogs within script files on PocketBook:
see here


Note - for dictionaries, see here

1. FBReader 180 (with wrist page turn, courtesy of GrayNM):
see here for the latest version. Additional discussions are in
see this thread.

2. Application to read DJVU files with enhanced contrast (courtesy of review): for the most up to date version see here, but see here for installation instructions (and it is useful to read also the whole discussion).

3. Annotations (courtesy of review): instructions are here for the latest 2.0.4 FW version (released in January), and here for the December 2.0.4 version.

4. Coolreader (review's adaptation of reader42's port for 302)
is here - you are strongly advised to read the whole Coolreader thread in this forum, especially this post.

5. Coolreader (from the Russian forum version) NOW WITH WRIST PAGE TURNS and basic STYLUS SUPPORT for the X03 models
- the latest version is v0.0.6-6 (CREngine 3.0.57-1), see here - whole thread is here, and the most uptodate version can be found here. Note: for the correct menu image file copy the appropiate attached file in the "skin" subfolder (under "system/bin/share/cr3/bin"). The .zip file attached contains several versions in other languages - the file name begins with the device type for which it works, so when after copying the image file rename it "cr3_pb_quickmenu.png" (thanks to J.C. and apos). A few menus are missing, so feel free to contribute your own . bivsumy (Ukranian forum user) has Coolreader page with instructions and tips that is really very good.

6. More on annotations - bogomil's suite
see here - whole thread is here

7. Utility to reflow text in txt files (courtesy of neurocyp)
download with isntructions here - whole thread is here

8. Pi, the text editor (courtesy of yuryfr):
download with instructions here - yury's page is here

9. application to view image files (courtesy of rkomar): see here

10. application to edit EPUB files (courtesy of rkomar, uses Yuryfr's Pi editor): see here

Gerda has done some works on themes for the Pro models - see here

The 2.1.2 version of the firmware has a new shelf organization. However you can also download the application "" here (see here)

** GAMES **

1. Chess for pocketbook (courtesy of sergeyvl12): now version 1.1.5, see here.

2. Checkers (courtesy of yuryfdr): see here and ask clarification questions in this thread

2. Reversi (courtesy of yuryfdr): see here

3. Straycat (courtesy of Antuan from the Russian forum): available for the new models here (click the second link)

4. Falltrix (similar to Tetris, courtesy of yuryfdr): see here

5. Lines, Sokoban, Crosspix and Miners adapted by yuryfdr for the new models: see here

6. Zwadrax adapted by yuryfdr for the new models: see here

7. PBCHord, your guitar companion, courtesy of MartinZ: see here, and the wole thread for discussion

1. Utility to unzip files (courtesy of review): instructions are here.

2. Calcplus (martinz's version of a scientific calculator here)

3. Organiser (calendar) (NetSpider's (from the Ukranian forum) port of Qorganizer - and thanks to bogomil for the heads up): download it here

** FAQ: **

1. How do I customise the startup/off logo?
See here, being careful to use resolution 825x1200 for the 90X models)

1. How do I transfer files between the device and my computer?
- For transfer via bluetooth, see J.C.'s step by step guide to setting up a bluetooth connection between your PC and your device, see here. See also here.
- For more sophisticated ways, see here.
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