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^^It helped though i dont want wifi ssh access

Ok guys thanks a lot After extensive searching in the forum, finally gained SSH access

For newbies here are the steps

1. Download jailbreak and usbnetwork from

2. Unzip both files and select appropriate file of install according to your kindle
(As always, k2 means K2 US, k2i means K2 GW, dx means KDX US, dxi means KDX GW, dxg means KDX Graphite, k3g means K3 3G (US [B006]), k3w means K3 WiFi [B008] and k3gb means K3 3G (UK [B00A]).

3.Copy the file in the kindle; First just copy jailbreak

4. Eject kindle. Click Menu >>settings. In settings select Update Your Kindle

5. Jailbreak will get installed

6. Repeat the steps to install usbnetwork

SSH access on Windows 7

Mount kindle and see and edit file \usbnet\etc\config file
The file must be saved in Unix format itself. Using notepad ++ is convenient here
I edited the host and kindle IP to my requirement in that file

Now eject the kindle
go to menu>>Search in kindle and type ";debugOn" and press "search my items", then type "~usbNetwork" and press "search my items"

Now connect the kindle to computer
The device will fail to install. Since RNDIS/Ethernet controller is not supported
To overcome this install Microsoft-Windows-Mobile-Device-Cente

In case of vista and windows 7 even after installation it wont work
There is a solution for this

I couldn't get Vista to recognize the RNDIS/Ethernet Gadget automatically (after I installed the Windows Mobile Device Center). So I canceled the automatic search-and-fail-miserably-while-forcing-me-into-a-never-ending-loop-of-despair driver search and went to the Device Manager. After much consternation, I found the following solution that gave me much joy:

Right-click on the unknown gadget and select Update Driver Software...
Select the "Browse my computer for driver software" option...
Choose the "Let me pick from a list device drivers on my computer, damn you!" option... Choose Network Adapter for the device type...
Select "Microsoft Corporation" for the manufacturer and "Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Adapter" (newest version) for the Driver.
"Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device" worked as well.

On my machine, the new ethernet connection was created as "Local Area Connection 3" and shows up as "DIRECTV HDPC20". YMMV

Go into Start -> Control Panel -> Network & Sharing Center.
Click on "Change Adapter Settings"

Do a right click on your main network adapter, click on the "Sharing" tab
Check the "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet Connection"

Click "OK"
You will get prompted that the adapter interface will be changed to "". That's okay, confirm.

Now go and edit the other network adapter "DIRECTV HDPC20" (or whatever it's called on your machine)
Click on the "Internet Protocol Version 4" and "Properties"
change the IP address from to , subnet mask

Validate with OK.

Open a command line (windows + R, cmd)
(Note Telnet isn't activated by default in Vista / Windows 7, go into the Control Panel and select "Programs and Features", click "Turn Windows Features on or Off" and check "Telnet Client").


One can also use putty
The default root password is blank and just press enter

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