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Talking FBreader & fbKindle - epub!

Finally .epubs on my Kindle!!! (well to be fair, the Duokan OS supports .epub but it still needs improvement...)

For general info about FBreader, check out

I have been playing around with the two versions of FBreader the great guys over at forum have developed, and since nobody here has posted anything yet, I thought I'd share my experiences so far.

@andy wooden & Dhza:

Большое вам спасибо, ребята!

-it's a great start and I look forward to seeing it develop...

There is not one but two (!) slightly different versions made by two different people: Dzha & andy wooden

These are two branches of the same project and will eventually be merged!

The two versions:
FBreader (by Dzha)
fbKindle (by andy wooden)

These are both alpha/experimental, so the usual warnings apply...

Both versions have their strengths and weaknesses and i'll leave judgement up to others. At this point i think which version one prefers is just a matter of individual preferences...

There is one big difference at the moment though -with fbKindle you can switch back to the kindle framework instantly, keeping fbKindle open in the background. Also when you quit fbKindle it goes instantly back to the kindle. With FBreader when you quit it does a complete restart of the Kindle framework which takes a long time...

In any case it looks like they are now talking about merging the two...

The thread for this project is here and the first post deals with FBreader:

fbKindle by andy wooden is at this post:

Google translate is your friend!

Using the original installation instructions from google translate could be a bit confusing for some, so i'll describe how i installed each of them successfully:

A pre-requisite for either of these is installing the Jailbreak. If you don't have it yet, get it here:

Both versions require Launchpad, which you can get here:

-so make sure you have both Jailbreak and Launchpad installed and working before continuing!

Installing FBreader (Dhza)
Update 24.11: The FBreader alpha version is no longer available for download because alpha testing is finished and Dhza is working on the next version.

1. If you have any previous versions of FBreader installed, then uninstall by removing the \FBreader directory and the \qtKindle directory if present.
2. Download FBreader here:
3. Extract the contents of the archive (FBreader directory) to the Kindle root directory
4. Copy the launchpad.ini file from the FBreader directory to the launchpad directory, OR add the following line to your existing launchpad.ini file:
F B = !/mnt/us/FBReader/ FBReader &
5. Create a new folder in the Kindle root directory called "Books" and put your books in there
6. Eject Kindle from your PC and disconnect USB cable.
7. Press Shift then F then B one after another fairly quickly, then nothing will happen, then screen will go blank and FBreader will start up. Press the menu button and start exploring!

Installing fbKindle (andy wooden)

1. Download here: (again, i would suggest you check the Russian FBreader thread to see if there is a newer version!)
2. Download andy's custom launchpad.ini file here:
3. Copy fbKindle-bin.tar.gz to the kindle root directory
4. Rename svc-launchpad.ini to launchpad.ini and copy it into the launchpad folder in the root Kindle directory, OR, add the following lines to your existing launchpad.ini file:
;; run experimental FBReader for kindle
F R = !/mnt/us/fbKindle/ FBReader &

;; unpack experimental fbreader's tar archive
U T = !cd /mnt/us; tar zxvf fbKindle-bin.tar.gz; rm fbKindle-bin.tar.gz;echo 101 >/proc/eink_fb/update_display
5. Now restart launchpad if you know how, otherwise simply do the normal menu/settings/restart
6. Press Shift then U then T one after another (quickly) to decompress the fbKindle archive. This will take a bit. If it decompressed porperly then you will see a grayscale test screen -then press Home.
7. Press Shift then F then R one after another (quickly) to start fbKindle

On first start it should go straight to the "About FBreader" text. Here's what that looked like for me.



To switch back to the Kindle press Alt then Shift and fbKindle will remain open in the background. Do the same to return to fbKindle.

To quit fbKindle, press Alt then Back

There have been some reports (I also experienced this on the K2i install) of just getting a blank screen when first starting fbKindle. Try to quit with Alt/Back, then restart again with Shift/F/B -that worked for me.

The menu button will open a pop-up menu.

(Menu -> "Show Preferences Dialog")

Left & Right will navigate between tabs
Next Page/Previous Page buttons will navigate through the options elements.
Up or Down will change through list elements.
Space will select/deselect a check box element
alt/o or enter - Ok
alt/c - Cancel
alt/a - Apply

Now for one of my favourite features of fbKindle:
To change font size press + or - on the volume control

List of key shortcuts:

L = show Library
O = Preferences Dialog (Options)
Previous Page = Undo (previous element in dialog)
Next Page = Redo (next element in dialog)
F = Text Search
P = Find previous
N = Find next
Shift+Home = Go to Home (note: this doesn't work for me)
Home = Go to beginning/cover
D = toggle Indicator
A = Add Book
I = Book info
R = Rotate screen
Right = next TOC Section
Left = previous TOC Section
Alt/Back = Quit fbKindle
Alt/Shift = Switch to Kindle Home/Switch back to fbKindle
G = Go To Page
Menu = open Pop up menu
Enter = open Hyperlink
Down = next Hyperlink
Up = prev Hyperlink
Space = refresh Screen (select/deselect check box in dialog)

You can also manually edit the configuration files:
(some things can't be changed in the options dialog)

To change the font, font size and line spacing edit the style group in \fbKindle\.FBreader\ui.xml

Here is what mine looks like using DejaVu San Serif, 10 point and 190% line spacing:
  <group name="Style">
    <option name="Base:fontFamily" value="DejaVu Sans"/>
    <option name="Base:fontSize" value="10"/>
    <option name="Base:lineSpacingPercent" value="190"/>
Available fonts are located in \fbKindle\qtKindle\lib\fonts

You can change margins in the same file. Here's mine:
<group name="Options">
    <option name="BottomMargin" value="30"/>
    <option name="LeftMargin" value="30"/>
    <option name="RightMargin" value="30"/>
    <option name="TopMargin" value="30"/>
The location(s) of the books is defined in the "BookPath" value in \fbKindle\share\FBReader\default\config.xml
<option name="BookPath" value="/mnt/us/FBReader/books:/mnt/us/Books"/>
As you can see above it is possible to have multiple book locations separated by ":"

You can also enable page numbers, control the appearance/position of the indicator bar change the time/page number font size and see TOC marks in the indicator bar. You need to add an "Indicator" group to \fbKindle\share\FBReader\default\config.xml
  <group name="Indicator">
    <option name="FontSize" value="8"/>
    <option name="Height" value="8"/>
    <option name="Offset" value="6"/>
    <option name="PositionText" value="true"/>
    <option name="Time" value="true"/>
    <option name="ShowTOCMarks" value="true"/>
To add key shortcuts like you are used to on the Kindle (next TOC, previous TOC, rotate screen, etc...) add a "Keys" group to the config.xml file:
  <group name="Keys">
    <option name="Action0" value="openHyperlink"/>
    <option name="Action1" value="undo"/>
    <option name="Action10" value="openPopup"/>
    <option name="Action11" value="redo"/>
    <option name="Action2" value="prevHyperlink"/>
    <option name="Action3" value="openPopup"/>
    <option name="Action4" value="pageForward"/>
    <option name="Action5" value="toggleFullscreen"/>
    <option name="Action6" value="rotate"/>
    <option name="Action7" value="nextTOCSection"/>
    <option name="Action8" value="previousTOCSection"/>
    <option name="Action9" value="pageBackward"/>
    <option name="Key0" value="&lt;Enter&gt;"/>
    <option name="Key1" value="&lt;Esc&gt;"/>
    <option name="Key10" value="[16777301]"/>
    <option name="Key11" value="[16781694]"/>
    <option name="Key2" value="&lt;K&gt;"/>
    <option name="Key3" value="&lt;M&gt;"/>
    <option name="Key4" value="&lt;Q&gt;"/>
    <option name="Key5" value="&lt;S&gt;"/>
    <option name="Key6" value="&lt;R&gt;"/>
    <option name="Key7" value="&lt;RightArrow&gt;"/>
    <option name="Key8" value="&lt;LeftArrow&gt;"/>
    <option name="Key9" value="&lt;Z&gt;"/>
    <option name="Number" value="12"/>
Well, that's it for now -i'll try to update this thread as find out more and/or try out newer versions...

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