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Sun May 23 2004

Book Award: Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson

01:06 PM by Colin Dunstan in E-Book General | Deals and Resources (No...

The Guardian reports the winner of the 2004 Arthur C Clarke award for British science-fiction writing: Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson.

Quicksilver, an opener to a planned trilogy, is a massive and complex historical novel set in the 17th century. It explores the notion that modern cyberculture has its roots in the curiosity of Renaissance alchemists.

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Windows 98SE on Pocket PC

05:37 AM by Colin Dunstan in Archive | Handhelds and Smartphones

Do you think that one of the newer Clies or Palms would have the power to run Windows? Well, if you own a PPC, you can be ready for some kind of experiment...

PocketGamer is carrying a story on the successful emulation of Windows 95 and Windows 98SE on the Pocket PC. This was made possible by a Pocket PC port of Bochs, a DOS emulator.

If you're keen to try this on your own Pocket PC, you'll need a minimum of a 256MB memory card (or stream the image over a wireless network) and you'll need a program like Nyditot Virtual Display to increase your screen resolution. Oh, yes, and you'll also need the emulator.

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Plucker V1.8 (stable) and V1.82 (unstable) out

04:45 AM by Colin Dunstan in E-Book Software | Reading and Management

Download the latest version of Plucker now.

More news that you even can imagine:

- i-mode support (Dave Maddock)

- The 5-way support in the library has been changed. (Michael Nordstr.m) New behaviour:
If the list of documents is only one page then the fiveway will be activated from the beginning; If the displayed list of documents includes the last accessed document then the fiveway will be activated; The select/centre button will activate the fiveway and the initially selected document will be the last accessed document or if that document isn't visible the document at the middle of the page will be selected. When the fiveway is activated the select/centre button will open the selected document; The up/down button will either scroll the list one page up/down (when the fiveway isn't activated) or select the previous/next document in the list (when the fiveway is activated); The left button will deactivate the fiveway or if the fiveway isn't activated it will exit the viewer. When the list of documents is only one page pressing left will exit the viewer instead of deactivate the fiveway; The right button will display the popup list with different actions for the selected document (when the fiveway is activated). When the fiveway isn't activated the right button will not result in any action.

- The following preferences have been removed:
"Enable dynamic scrollbar"; always disabled; "Enable visual aid"; always enabled; "Click sound for links"; always enabled (i.e. it uses the setting for "system sound").

- Faster rotation. (Alexander Pruss)
- Faster anti-aliased fonts on 68K. (Alexander Pruss)
- Support for (slow) colored anti-aliased text in 8bpp. (Alexander Pruss)
- Anti-aliased fonts now work with colored backgrounds. (Alexander Pruss)
- Support for font remapping via font package. (Alexander Pruss)
- Italic font support. (Alexander Pruss)
- Kerning for antialiased fonts. Requires version 0.70+ of PalmFontConv. (Alexander Pruss)
- Font packages can be put on VFS either in /Palm/Launcher/ or in /Palm/Programs/Plucker/Fonts/ (Alexander Pruss)
- You can now tap on a word to either put the word in the search form or to look it up in a dictionary. (Alexander Pruss)
- Added Plucker Plugin Interface (PPI) to configure the interface with third-party dictionary programs. (Chris Hawks)
- Added Catalan translation (Albert Cuesta)
- Added Norwegian translation (Geir-Tore Lindsve)
- Added option to select whether the sort by date should use only the date or if it should use both date and time (faster, but could make the list look 'unsorted'). (Michael Nordstr.m)
- The external card support will be disabled when the device detects a low power situation to avoid errors when trying to access the card through VFS. (Michael Nordstr.m)
- External bookmarks support in viewer. (Dave Maddock)
- When the library is sorted by name, you can select a document by entering the first couple of characters. (Alexander Pruss)
- The parser when using the Python Imaging Library will now automatically reduce the depth of black-and-white images to 1-bit, thereby decreasing file size. (Alexander Pruss)
- Drop-in transliteration module support added, and built-in transliterations removed. (Alexander Pruss)
- Full support for DIA on Handera, Sony and PalmOS 5.2+ units, including landscape if the hardware supports it. (Alexander Pruss)
- Full support for Dana AlphaSmart wide and tall modes. (Alexander Pruss)

This looks very promising! Only wish they would also spend more time on the desktop parser - I am not a great fan of Python, the memory-eater.

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Sat May 22 2004

Freebie at Fictionwise: Paying it Forward

11:18 AM by Colin Dunstan in E-Book General | Deals and Resources (No...

Paying it by Michael A. Burstein

eBook Category: Science Fiction Hugo Award Nominee
eBook Description: When science fiction writer Carl Lambclear's death is announced, a young fan visits his webpage and decides to send his idol one last email. But a reply from the deceased writer leads to an odd mentoring relationship ... and the question of just exactly what has happened to Lambclear.

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iPod grounds airplane

05:42 AM by Colin Dunstan in Archive | Portable Audio/Video

A bomb scare occured on an America West passenger plane in Phoenix Arizona this week.

"An MP3 player wrapped around a soda can sparked a bomb scare at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Wednesday morning, said an official with the Transportation Security Administration. The can was found in the cabin of America West Airlines flight 44 from Phoenix to Washington, D.C. The bomb squad was called in and a bomb-sniffing dog was taken aboard the plane. All 117 passengers were safely evacuated. They will all be re-screened before they are allowed back on a plane to continue on to Washington."

So, next time you leave the plane, don't forgot to take your Coke and iPod with you.

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Next iPod to have color screen

05:30 AM by Colin Dunstan in Archive | Portable Audio/Video

The new iPod will not be much different in form and function from the current models, but the primary difference is the color screen. Confirmed, 100% accurate, and without any doubt - says

No news on the rumored video output capabilities yet.

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Fri May 21 2004

Research In Motion News

02:44 PM by sUnShInE in Archive | Handhelds and Smartphones

The folks over at Blackberry RIM have had a very exciting week.

First they unveiled details regarding the next server version of BlackBerry Enterprise (BE4), which will offer "cradle-less" functionality, eliminating the need to install BlackBerry Desktop Manager on individual client machines. The functionality will also allow two-way wireless synchronization of e-mail and organizer info. Users will be able to control things like e-mail filters and out-of-office replies directly from the handheld. They also improved browsing and attachment viewing. Security for the handheld has also improved as well. They've also introduced new developer tools, JavaScript support, and XML optimization. Read more on BE4 on their website.

Next up is that lingering RIM/PalmSource agreement that was inked back in December. As part of the agreement Palm Powered smart mobile devices will have "seamless connectivity" with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server and the BlackBerry Web Client. Other features include the ability to do a global address look-up. The Palm OS Mail Client that will support BlackBerry connectivity will be available to Palm OS customers in the second half of 2004. Read all about it from the company's press release.

Speaking of platform technology and the future, check out today's piece in Technology News entitled, "Is True Mobility at Hand?"

And when you're done with all that, head over to the new BlackBerry Stuff online store and pick up software, accessories, or even a new toy.

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MobileRead Networks is looking for editors

08:32 AM by Alexander Turcic in Miscellaneous | Announcements

MobileRead Networks is interested in expanding its circle of editors. Editors are people who can make connections between ideas, notice interesting topics and post them or invite others to post.

Ideas and topics can be related to anything that shapes our mobile world: handhelds, cellphones, portable audio/video, tablet pcs, wireless, ebooks, and of course - on a broader level - the Net itself.

Members of the editorial team have the ability to post illustrated stories directly to the frontpage.

In future we hope to work more closely with software and hardware companies. This would allow our editors to participate in writing hands-on reviews.

What do you also get as a contributing editor:
- your own mobileread[dot]com email,
- access to the editor control panel (to upload and manage your article images),
- an editor signature,
- a link from the home page

If you are interested, simply drop a quick message.

Feel free to spread this news. We are counting on your help!

Our core team consists of: Gary (gvtexas/admin), Lynn (sUnShInE/super-mod) and Alex (Alexander/admin)

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