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Aires began at the beginning.
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Complete Idiot's guide to Kindle3, Google translate search

The following instructions were tested on windows XP SP3 with kindle3 wifi, firmware 3.0.3

Using Google Translate on kindle3

First thing to do is of course a jailbreak. You can download the file at: , is the file you need. Unpack and upload the correct update_*_install.bin file for your kindle to the root directory of your Kindle.
(As always, k2 means K2 US, k2i means K2 GW, dx means KDX US, dxi means KDX GW, dxg means KDX Graphite, k3g means K3 3G (US [B006]), k3w means K3 WiFi [B008] and k3gb means K3 3G (UK [B00A]).(NiLuJe qouted, from the “Fonts & ScreenSavers Hacks for Kindles” thread)
For my case it was update_jailbreak_0.4.N_k3w_install.bin, because I have kindle 3 wifi.
Now, eject your Kindle, and go to [HOME] -> [MENU] > Settings -> [MENU] > Update Your Kindle. It should be quick. (And, on FW 2.x only, it should FAIL (With a U006 error, in the bottom left corner of the screen). It's completely normal, intended, and harmless). (NiLuJe qouted, from the “Fonts & ScreenSavers Hacks for Kindles” thread)
[HOME] -> [MENU] > Settings -> [MENU] >[Restart]
2.) Second step is to install and enable usb networking so you can gain root access. You need to install the usb network driver , .
What you have to do is more or less the same like with the jailbreak. For me it was: Unpacked the file, copied update_usbnetwork_0.30.N_k3w_install.bin and update_usbnetwork_0.30.N_k3w_uninstall.bin (although I am not sure if I knew how to unistall it in case i wanted to ) into the root directory of the kindle. Then [HOME] -> [MENU] > Settings -> [MENU] > Update Your Kindle
[HOME] -> [MENU] > Settings -> [MENU] >[Restart]
Here comes the tricky part. After the reboot you have only few seconds (or minutes?? ) to turn the debug mode on.
3) Press any number or letter to open the search field. Press “DEL” to erase that number or letter.
4) Type ;debugOn into the search field and press the 5-way controller. The search field should vanish. If you wish to turn the debug menu off, enter ;debugOff (click here to see a GIF animation that shows you how to shut down debug mode). You should always inactivate debug mode when you are not actively using it. (qouted Little Professor, from his blog)
Now that you have turned debug mode on, it is time to turn usbNetwork on. Just press “DEL”, type ~usbNetwork ,enter, and it is already done. To turn it off, enter ~usbNetwork again and the kindle will be recognized again as a mass storage device.
So, usbNetwork is turned on. Connect now your kindle to the usb port of your computer. If you are using XP, windows will try to install usb ethernet/RNDIS or something like that. When windows ask you to connect to internet to search for the driver answer with no - windows never find drivers on the internet ;P. So, next question you answer with “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)”. Next with: “Don't search. I will chose the driver to install.” Next step is to select Network adapters from the list. Then click on “Have disk” and select this file: or .Okay, now you have to set up the network. Go to Start => Settings => Network connections. Then choose the connection described as “...linux usb Ethernet/RNDIS Gadget...”, which name on my compute was “Connection 3” , right click it, choose Proporties, select the TCP/IP item, Proporties again. Now set up the ip adress manually to and the mask to . Press Ok, then Close. That’s it. Now just “telnet” in command promt and you should already have root access. You only have to watch out that the kindle is not running the Screen saver, if so just move the slider.

To switch to writable mode: mntroot rw, enter

Now that you have root access, you can go further and change the wikipedia search into Google Translate search. To do so, you have to use vi, the linux/unix text editor on kindle. Usage is not so intuitive: to enter edit mode in vi, press 'i', to save press “ESC” and type “ZZ”. Thats all you need to know about using vi for our purpose.
So, alter the wikipedia or google search to google translate search, enter:
vi /opt/amazon/ebook/prefs/search_prefs
Now replace the URL you wish with{searchTerm}
pt stands for portuguese, de stands for german, bg for buglarian, ru for russian and so on. sl (source language) is on auto, but you can change it too if you want. Thats all.

To test it, go to any book (not samples) and highlight some text: press Middle-Button to start highlighting and finish the highlight pressing Space (not Enter). The text appears in the search box, select "Wikipedia" and voilá. (lowpis quoted)

Converting books

To convert relativly simple books/documents in mobi - use Calibre: For more sophisticated ones, like multicomlumn PDFs or scientific journal articles, use papercrop:
Another option is to install Duokan as Dualboot. Duokan has better Pdf reader built-in and supports other formats like PDF, mobi, doc, chm, DjVu, rtf, epub and so on. I could actually run only DjVu, PDF and mobi, never tried epub.A disadvantage that Duokan has is the limited support for scripts other than chinese and english. I experimented with german and bulgarian(cyrillic) texts and the support was rather poor. But maybe I was doing something wrong. If somebody knows alternative PDF reader for kindle please make a post. Here are the links:

Using the WiFi ability without access point

So far i am aware of two software solutions, which work only on Windows 7. The first is Virtual Router , the second one is Connectify.
Unfortunately they do support only a number of wifi cards, so I had to buy additional usb wifi card. Check out if your card is supported and give it a try.

Sources I used to compile this HOWTO: - Description how install the usb ethernet / RNDIS Controller. - Description how to turn the usbNetwork on, Little Professor’s blog - Jailbreak, usbNetwork etc. - root access - Information how to setup the usb network connection (ip adress, mask) and much more - - the tutorial for setting up Google Translate by lowpis (Thanks man, great stuff!) - How to use vi (vi stand in the middle of Evil ;PP) - Converting multi-column documents into optimized PDFs.

lowpis did actually describe very good how to set up the google translate fuction, but I couldn’t make it...I needed days, a week perhaps to make it work, using the sources i have listed, combining the information, using the error-and-try method. So I thought this tutorial would be helpful for peaple as lame as me , if there are any ;P I hope I was able to provide some help. Big thanks to all the people who developed the jailbreak, the other hacks and tutorial, who made it possible to extend the abilities of kindle.

I still can’t figure out how to share the computer’s internet and let the kindle use it through the usb connection. I don’t need this option anymore, since I am using WiFi. But if there is someone who can do it, it would be great to post an additional description.

Forgive me for the bad english, I did what I could ;P
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I not sure I grasped it all but thanks. I might even give the usb-network a shot after reading your message.

And if English is not your native language, you are doing just fine and better than I could do in any other language or maybe even English.
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good153 began at the beginning.
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Aires, thanks a lot for your great and wonderful effort.
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document conversion, google translate, pdf on 6 inch dispay, usb network, wlan without access point

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