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lui1 began at the beginning.
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LA Times Complete Rewrite

Here is a rewrite of the LA Times Recipe. The old one stopped working several months ago, so this is what I came up with.

LA Times Recipe
#!/usr/bin/env python2

from collections import defaultdict
from pprint import pformat
from import BasicNewsRecipe
from import strptime

DT_EPOCH = strptime('1970-01-01', '%Y-%m-%d', assume_utc=True)

DIR_COLLECTIONS = [['world'],
                   ['opinion', 'op-ed', 'opinion-la', 'editorials', 'readersreact', 'topoftheticket', 'endorsements'],
                   ['local', 'lanow', 'california', 'crime', 'abcarian', 'education', 'weather'],
                   ['business', 'hollywood', 'technology'],
                   ['entertainment', 'movies', 'music', 'tv', 'arts', 'gossip', 'envelope'],
                   ['food', 'jonathon-gold', 'dailydish'],
                   ['style', 'laaffairs', 'pets'],
                   ['science', 'sciencenow'],

          'THE NATION',

def absurl(url):
    if url.startswith('/'):
        url = '' + url
    return url

def check_words(words):
    return lambda x: x and frozenset(words.split()).intersection(x.split())

def what_section(url):
    if   re.compile(r'^https?://www[.]latimes[.]com/local/obituaries').search(url):
        return 'OBITUARIES'
    elif re.compile(r'^https?://www[.]latimes[.]com/business/hollywood').search(url):
        return 'HOLLYWOOD'
    elif re.compile(r'^https?://www[.]latimes[.]com/entertainment/movies').search(url):
        return 'MOVIES'
    elif re.compile(r'^https?://www[.]latimes[.]com/entertainment/tv').search(url):
        return 'TELEVISION'
    elif re.compile(r'^https?://www[.]latimes[.]com/business/technology').search(url):
    elif re.compile(r'^https?://www[.]latimes[.]com/world').search(url):
        return 'THE WORLD'
    elif re.compile(r'^https?://www[.]latimes[.]com/nation').search(url):
        return 'THE NATION'
    elif re.compile(r'^https?://www[.]latimes[.]com/politics').search(url):
        return 'POLITICS'
    elif re.compile(r'^https?://www[.]latimes[.]com/opinion').search(url):
        return 'OPINION'
    elif re.compile(r'^https?://www[.]latimes[.]com/(?:local|style)').search(url):
        return 'CALIFORNIA'
    elif re.compile(r'^https?://www[.]latimes[.]com/business').search(url):
        return 'BUSINESS'
    elif re.compile(r'^https?://www[.]latimes[.]com/sports').search(url):
        return 'SPORTS'
    elif re.compile(r'^https?://www[.]latimes[.]com/entertainment').search(url):
        return 'ENTERTAINMENT'
    elif re.compile(r'^https?://www[.]latimes[.]com/books').search(url):
        return 'BOOKS'
    elif re.compile(r'^https?://www[.]latimes[.]com/food').search(url):
        return 'FOOD'
    elif re.compile(r'^https?://www[.]latimes[.]com/health').search(url):
        return 'HEALTH'
    elif re.compile(r'^https?://www[.]latimes[.]com/science').search(url):
    elif re.compile(r'^https?://www[.]latimes[.]com/home').search(url):
        return 'HOME'
    elif re.compile(r'^https?://www[.]latimes[.]com/travel').search(url):
        return 'TRAVEL'
    elif re.compile(r'^https?://www[.]latimes[.]com/fashion').search(url):
        return 'FASHION'
    elif re.compile(r'^https?://www[.]latimes[.]com/newsletter').search(url):
        return 'NEWSLETTERS'
        return 'OTHER'

class LATimes(BasicNewsRecipe):
    title = 'Los Angeles Times'
    __author__ = 'Jose Ortiz'
    description = 'The Los Angeles Times is a leading source of news on Southern California, entertainment, movies, television, music, politics, business, health, technology, travel, sports, environment, economics, autos, jobs, real estate and other topics affecting California'  # noqa
    category = 'news, politics, USA, Los Angeles, world'
    oldest_article = 1
    max_articles_per_feed = 200
    no_stylesheets = True
    encoding = 'utf8'
    use_embedded_content = False
    language = 'en'
    remove_empty_feeds = True
    ignore_duplicate_articles = {'url'}
    publication_type = 'newspaper'
    cover_url = ''

    keep_only_tags = [
        dict(name='header', attrs={'id': 'top'}),
        dict(name='div', attrs={'id': 'liveblog-story-wrapper'})

    remove_tags= [
        dict(name='div', attrs={'class': check_words('hidden-tablet hidden-mobile hidden-desktop pb-f-ads-dfp')})

    remove_tags_after = [
        dict(name='div', attrs={'class': check_words('pb-f-article-body')})

    def parse_index(self):
        index = ''
        pat = r'^(?:https?://www[.]latimes[.]com)?/[^#]+20[0-9]{6}-(?:html)?story[.]html'
        articles = self.find_articles(index, pat)
        for collection in DIR_COLLECTIONS:
            topdir = collection.pop(0)
            index = '' + topdir + '/'
            pat = r'^(?:https?://www[.]latimes[.]com)?/' + topdir + '/[^#]+20[0-9]{6}-(?:html)?story[.]html'
            articles += self.find_articles(index, pat)
            for subdir in collection:
                sub_index = index + subdir + '/'
                articles += self.find_articles(sub_index, pat)

        feeds = defaultdict(list)
        for article in articles:
            section = what_section(article['url'])

        keys = []
        for key in SECTIONS:
            if key in feeds.keys():
        return [(k, feeds[k]) for k in keys]

    def preprocess_html(self, soup):
        for img in soup.findAll('img', attrs={'data-src': True}):
            if img.findParent('a', href='') \
               is img.parent and img['data-src'].endswith('/la-letter-to-the-editor'):
                img['src'] = img['data-src']
        return soup

    def find_articles(self, index, pattern):
        self.log('Downloading and parsing index: ', index)
        self.log('Pattern: ', pattern)
            soup = self.index_to_soup(index)
            self.log('Failed to download ', index)
            return []
        if soup.main is not None:
            alinks = soup.main.findAll('a', {'href': re.compile(pattern)})
            alinks = soup.findAll('a', {'href': re.compile(pattern)})
        alinks = [a for a in alinks if len(a.contents) == 1 and a.find(text=True, recursive=False)]
        articles = [{'title': a.find(text=True), 'url': absurl(a['href'])} for a in alinks]
        date_rx = re.compile(r'^https?://www[.]latimes[.]com/[^#]+-(?P<date>20[0-9]{6})-(?:html)?story[.]html')
        for article in articles:
            mdate = date_rx.match(article['url'])
            if mdate is not None:
                article['timestamp'] = (strptime('date'),'%Y%m%d') - DT_EPOCH).total_seconds()
                article['url'] =
        self.log('Found: ', len(articles), ' articles.\n')
        return articles
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