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Sorry, I missed the "iPad Pro 3". As I said, the "less than a second" was using "Classic Book" mode; the page turn was faster using "Modern Book" mode; I didn't test "Modern Scroll".

As for "proper proportions", I haven't noticed anything other than the type in graphics being too small to read, is that part of what you mean? The only other problems are when the publisher puts a graphic on two succeeding pages (even and odd) that is too big for 1 page and becomes unusable when reduced to fit on a single page but this is usually in PDFs. By the way I use MapleRead SE as I needed an app to replace iBooks.
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Originally Posted by Aurinko View Post
I'm looking for the best epub reader for my iPad. I've so far tried Books, Hyphen and MapleRead, and while MapleRead seems the most feature-rich out of these, there are some huge annoyances:

1. It's slow as f... Takes about two seconds usually just to display the next page/pages when I'm flipping through pages. I guess the delay is about the same for loading chapters in "modern" view. For the duration of loading pages there is the circle animation. The speed really is atrocious compared to pretty much anything else I've tried, and not even in the ballpark of acceptable.

2. In a lot of apps I find myself speed-flicking through pages, e.g. when I need to reference something that I know was three pages back. In MapleRead (in non-continuous page modes) I can't do this, because the app takes a long time after a page transition before it begins taking touch input again (at least the swipes). Again the latency is so ridiculously high I'm truly baffled how anyone can use this app. My Sony DPT-S1 with its pathetic SoC and Android 2.x can outperform the newest MapleRead CX on my 3rd gen iPad Pro. This is actually related to the first item in the list, but the issues might be separate from each other on implementation level so I separated them here.

3. Images are displayed with incorrect aspect ratio. I'm not sure if I should be complaining to the ebook publisher or the app developer first, but in Calibre's ebook viewer this problem didn't seem to manifest. When I'm viewing an .epub in the "modern" mode (continuous view without discrete page boundaries), the images are grotesquely stretched to fill the screen horizontally, but not scaled vertically to maintain correct aspect ratio. I didn't find a setting in MapleRead that would fix this.

All of these issues are totally unacceptable and definite dealbreakers for me. If I'm doing something wrong, or there are settings I have missed, or anyone has any tips & tricks on how to overcome these issues, please let me know.
I have MapleRead SE and I think it's pretty great. I've never tried flipping through pages quickly but I just tried it and there was about a second delay between page turns when the animation was set to slide. Have you tried changing the animation to instant? I tried it and, well, the pages changed in pretty much an instant even when quickly flipping through pages. Although, there was a very short delay at chapter changes.

Edit: I forgot to mention I'm using an iPad Pro 11".
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I'm a long-term Marvin user coming to grips that development is dead and it'll never be updated. Trying out Mapleread.

The little multitasking bar for the iPhone X swipe gestures disappears after a couple of seconds, but then comes back after I do anything on the screen. I find this very annoying and ideally would like it to go away permanently. If that isn't possible I would like it to always show. Is there any way to accomplish either?

Marvin keeps the clock in the upper left "ear", faded out. Is there any way to show it in Mapleread the same way, without showing a full header? I like to keep screen margins short to show as much text as possible.

Also, I'm sure I must be missing something, but there appears to be no easy way to find a file in the iOS Files app and then "open in Mapleread". I can't for the life of me find it in the list, I can open this .EPUB file in 100 other apps, Slack, Gmail, Outlook, iBooks, Kindle, but Mapleread just isn't in the list.

When I copy the EPUB file to the Mapleread CE folder on my iPhone, it shows up under the iTunes tab but doesn't import. Nothing shows up on the Queue tab at all. To get it to import, I had to go to the Mapleread CE folder in the Files app and then tap it again. Is this extremely circuitous method really the best way to import books from iOS Files?

Really what I would like is for a button inside Mapleread to open the standard iOS Files picker, then I navigate to my file, tap on it, and I'm _done_.

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