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Sigil Plugin Index

Index of Sigil Plugins

Official Sigil Plugins
  1. FlightCrew Plugin
    Verify Spec-compliance of EPUB2s
    (Make sure to download the correct zip file for your platform: win, osx, unx)

  2. testplugin
    Verify Python environment is ready to run Sigil plugins

Third-party Sigil Plugins
  1. Access-Aide Accessibility Helper
    This edit plugin can help the improve the accessibility of epubs

  2. ACE - DAISY EPUB Accessibility Checker
    This plugin is a simple DAISY ACE (=Accessibility Checker for EPUB) wrapper.

  3. AddiBooksXML
    Add the iBooks proprietary "" file to the META-INF folder of an epub.

  4. AddKindleMediaQueries
    Optimally dual-formats all epub image entries both for KF7 devices(in pixels) and KF8 devices(as a %)

  5. AddSeriestoTitle
    Takes the calibre series information and adds it to the title

  6. Borkify ePUB
    Output plugin to borkify an epub to alter all text

  7. CheckInternalLinks
    Checks and validates all internal links in epub2 or epub 3 files

  8. CombineNCXHeadings
    Combines the chapter titles and chapter subtitles into single headings in the NCX TOC

  9. ConvertAbs2RelCSSValues
    Automatically converts all absolute values such as cm, mm, inch, pica and point values to relative em values in the epub stylesheet(s)

  10. CSSFromFonts
    Inserts the required CSS entries from Embedded Font Files

  11. CSSLint
    A simple CSSLint wrapper

  12. cssRemoveUnusedSelectors
    A more powerful Remove Unused CSS Selector tool

  13. cssUndefinedClasses
    Removes from the xhtml all classes and ids not referenced in stylesheets or elsewhere

  14. CustomCleanerPlus
    A custom cleanup utility for both epubs and imported html docs

  15. DeleteUnmanifestedFiles
    delete files that third-party apps might write to the ePub temp folder

  16. DOCXImport
    Import DOCX document into Sigil as epubs.

  17. Easy Endnote Insertion
    This is a plugin for easy insertion of epub 2.0 style notes.

  18. ePUB Optimizer
    Subsets fonts and optimizes images

  19. Epub2LegacyMetaData
    This plugin recreates the table-based epub2 metadata editor that was used in older Sigil versions.

  20. ePub2 Output
    Convert most valid commercial epub3 fiction books to valid epub2 books for use with older epub2 apps and readers

  21. ePub3-itizer - epub3 output plugin
    Create ePub 3 from valid ePub2

  22. epubcheck plugin
    Simple epubcheck wrapper

  23. ePubTidyTool
    Cleans up ebooks converted from pdf files

  24. FolderIn and FolderOut
    input and output epub contents to folders in unzipped format

  25. FootnoteLinker
    Automatically generate links to endnotes and backlinks to footnote anchors.

  26. FootnoteManipulator
    Plugin for manipulating footnotes in epub 2.0 publications.

  27. GoogleZipImport
    Import Google Doc HTML documents into Sigil as epubs.

  28. Grammalecte
    A simple Grammalecte-based grammar/spell checker for French ebooks

  29. HTML2Epub
    Converts various html doctypes to full epub format

  30. HTMLgen
    Export the epub contents to one html file...

  31. icarus Sigil Plugin
    This is a plugin can be used to create EPUB 3 Audio-ebooks

  32. IDErrorCheck
    This plugin checks, repairs, and reports all id errors in an epub

  33. Incremental IDs Plugin
    This is a plugin can be used to add incremental ids to tags that match specific criteria

  34. InsertImageSVG
    Plugin to insert and wrap an image with SVG

  35. KDPValidator
    Validate epubs for Amazon Kindle upload only

  36. KePub Output
    This output plugin adds Kobo spans to all xhtml files

  37. Kindle Import plugin
    Open Kindle files for editing in Sigil

  38. kindlegen plugin
    Simple kindlegen wrapper

  39. Language Tool
    A Grammar Checker

  40. LogicalTOCStyler
    Changes the styling of the Logical TOC(Device TOC)

  41. MarkdownImport
    A Markdown to HMTL converter

  42. MendeleyXMLImport
    Imports Mendeley references or endnotes into epubs

  43. NCXRemove
    Remove the NCX from an EPUB3

  44. NormalizeScrivEpub
    Reformats and normalizes Scrivener epubs

  45. OpenDocHTMLImport
    Import ODF HTML documents into Sigil as epubs.

  46. ODTImport
    Import ODT documents into Sigil as epubs.

  47. Pagelist Plugin for Print Edition Page Numbers
    This is a plugin generate NCX pagelist sections from special span tags

  48. PasteImage Plugin
    Add a jpeg image to ebook from clipboard image or url

  49. PrincePDF
    Export epubs as .pdf files (requires Prince)

  50. Proselint
    a simple proselint-based style checker

  51. QuickPrefsEdit
    A quick and simple editor for editing json files in plugins_prefs

  52. RemoveInLineStyles
    Converts inline style attributes to classes in new stylesheet

  53. RemoveUnusedBookmarks
    Removes all unused bookmarks from epubs

  54. ReworkChapterHeads
    Automatically replaces or adds consecutively numbered chapter headings to your epub in multiple user-defined formats and styles

  55. ShadyCharacters
    Exposes many invisible unicode characters that can elude the eye

  56. ShowSemantics
    Shows landmarks and guide items in a table

  57. Smarten Punctuation plugin
    Convert quotes and dashes to their typographic equivalents

  58. smoothRemove plugin
    A remove formatting plugin

  59. StyleBender
    Manipulates styling at block level in both epubs and imported html docs

  60. StylePropertiesCleanup
    Globally removes user selected style properties from the CSS or HTML files

  61. SubsetFonts
    Simple font subsetter

  62. TagMechanic Plugin
    Conveniently remove, change the attributes of (and/or convert) those pesky, nestable spans and divs

  63. TextImporter
    Import a text file into an ePub and format it

  64. TOCSaver
    Save NCX ToC to allow Regeneration to work

  65. TTS - Windows TTS output plugin
    Generate MP3 files of all files selected in the Book View window

  66. URL Checker Plugin
    Checks and reports on external links in your ebook

  67. ZoteroNotesImport
    Import Zotero endnotes into epubs

  68. ZoteroRefsImport
    Import Zotero refs and creates a new bibliography section in epubs

Obsolete Plugins
(Incompatible with the latest versions of Sigil)
  1. CleanOPF (incompatible with Sigil v0.9.7+)
    Removes extraneous metadata entries in the OPF

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