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Also interested in extended warranty....

As my TWO WEEK OLD iLiad is sloooooowly failing (horizontal lines that have multiplied from one to three in the space of a week and are visible even when the machine is turned *off*), I would also be interested in extended warranty. Frankly, it's fairly scandalous to me that there are so many problems with the screen (from reading this board and the iRex forums) in such a short period of time, with some people reporting the need to replace multiple units. And some at their own expense....

So sign me up on the list of those interested. I don't want to buy a Sony ebook reader, I really don't,'s half the price and I don't read about these problems with units that are barely a few weeks old.

If the iLiad screen is *so* fragile, then maybe they should ship protective covers with them...? I was not impressed with having to pay an additional $100 for a cover (including the shipping) after already dropping close to USD$800 on the unit in the first place. Too bad this cover hasn't helped prevent the screen lines, which look a bit like eInk run amok.

It's my understanding (from reading other posts of people with similar issues) that the mystery lines are actually a known hardware issue and the iLiad will need to be replaced. Beautiful. So glad I paid for overnight shipping from Europe to the US about three weeks ago. Sure enjoyed my iLiad while I had it, but now when people ask to see my cool new ebook reader I have to try to explain away the three horizontal stripes visible (and apparently procreating) about an inch below the top of the screen. Needless to say, none of the people who have asked to see my iRex have been impressed by this issue appearing after less than a dozen hours of use. I was flipping pages in a PDF ebook, and one page was fine, the next had a line. Then two days ago there were two lines. Now there are three. Sigh.

Back on point: I think an extended warranty option is a must, especially if they want anyone to buy the most expensive ebook reader on the market....twice the price of its competitor....otherwise new buyers will go with Sony and figure that even if it dies they can afford to buy another one and still be ahead of the game.

Don't get me wrong, though--I love the iLiad (and hate Sony's "squeeze the consumer til they are bled dry" profit model even more). I love everything about the iLiad except all the bugs and hardware issues and the cost. On, and the documentation--gah, why bother, I've had to figure everything out for myself. But I digress.

I will admit that I'm struggling to keep an open mind with the "early adopters beware" caveat firmly in the forefront. However, if iRex wants to get this neat little device beyond the early adopters phase, they'd best proceed very carefully with customer service/warranty returns in the face of these issues.

Update: I have finally been instructed to send pictures of my problematic screen (three days after my initial request for assistance was sent) to tech support. That's on the agenda for today. We'll see what happens next. I'm hoping to be wowed and impressed by the customer service and to really enjoy the Mobipocket support on this device. It's exactly what I've been waiting for.....except for those darned caveats.
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