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  • v1.3.0.0
    • Option to sync/merge a loaded book with a metadata file from any location.
    • Option to recalculate (and re-save in the metadata) the MD5 for a book.
    • Option to open the selected book's metadata location with the system's file manager.
    • Keyboard shortcuts to copy selected highlights/comments.
    • All found "metadata.lua" files are loaded (if more than one are present in the .sdr directory).
    • When checking if two books are the same (for sync/merge), the app now uses any MD5 present in the book's metadata, and if none exists, it calculates one.
    • Fixed: Canceling export of highlights still opened a "Success" dialog.
    • Fixed: Sometimes the modified date had decimal digits.
    • Fixed: Some cosmetic bugs.
  • v1.2.2.0
    • Option to ignore the English articles at the start of the title while sorting.
    • Option to merge highlights/sync position with the archived version (using right click on loaded book).
    • New "Rating" column.
    • There is an optional question dialog when adding/merging books in the archive.
    • "Abandoned" book rows now have red text.
    • Single launch App.
    • No more Linux.x86 binary (nobody used it anyways...).
    • Fixed: Some problems with drag&dropping books.
    • Fixed: Wrong "Delete" button when in Archived mode.
    • Fixed: Better Python 3 compatibility (for the .py version).
  • v1.0.0.0
    • New Archive mode. Using a local database in which we can add/upgrade any loaded book's metadata (with the highlights of course) that we get from the reader, and access it even if the reader is not connected.
    • We can now export to html from "Highlights" view too.
    • The user interface has 2 modes now ("Loaded" and "Archived"). In any of these modes we can view the highlights using two views: as rows of "Books" or as rows of "Highlights".
    • Fixed: Could not hide Comments while viewing or exporting highlights.
    • Fixed: Drag & dropping multiple folders, was loading only the last one.
  • v0.9.1.0
    • Code refactoring.
    • Fixed: Comments in highlights with more than one paragraphs could not get changed.
  • v0.9.0.0
    • Option to export highlights in HTML format.
    • Linux binaries now support the command-line interface.
    • Fixed: The sorting direction (ascending-descending) sometimes was not saved.
  • v0.8.0.0
    • Option to change the size of the toolbar buttons with right-click.
    • Linux binaries for x86/x64 with PyInstaller.
    • The Python script has now a command-line interface for batch conversions.
    • Fixed: The Python script can run with Python2/3.
    • Fixed: Reloading the same files after clearing the book list, works now.
  • v0.7.0.0
    • Option to sort highlights by Date or Page (in "Books" view).
  • v0.6.1.0
    • Merging the highlights of a book that is read in two different devices is now possible (beta). It must be from the same reader engine though. Read about it here.
    • Syncing the reading position for a book that is read in two different devices is also possible now.
    • We can now edit highlight comments while in the "Highlights" view, using the right-click menu or double clicking.
    • From "Highlights" view, using the right-click menu, we can locate the current highlight to the "Books" view.
    • Changed: When scanning a directory using the "Scan Directory" button, the previously loaded books are not unloaded from the list.
    • Fixed: The same book's metadata are not loaded more than one time any more.
    • Fixed: The book's description text is now read only (as it should).
  • v0.5.0.0
    • In "Highlights View", using the right-click menu, we can copy to clipboard the selected highlights/comments.
    • Added "Tags" and "Description" to the "Book Info".
    • Removed "Total time" and "Status" from the "Book Info" because the relevant keys where removed from the more current KoReader versions' metadata.
    • Fixed: Some highlights where missing when exported to text file.
    • Fixed: Better handling of lua comments.
  • v0.4.0.0
    • New "Highlights View", where we can see all the highlights from the opened books and sort them by date, book etc.
    • Fixed: Update book info when navigating using the arrows.
  • v0.3.5.0
    • Support for comments (kind of), using the "Edit" highlight option of KoReader (click on a highlight).
    • Edit/Add/Delete a highlight's comment.
    • Fixed: Deleting an "Edited" highlight could not delete the associated bookmark too.
    • Fixed: New lines in the highlight are now properly displayed.
  • v0.3.4.0
    • Delete some or all the highlights from a book.
    • Copy some or all the highlights from a book in the clipboard.
    • Highlights are now a list with items that can be selected individually for copy/deletion, not just a text.
    • Highlight's elements like page, date and even highlight text can be individually turned on/off.
    • Fixed: If there was more than one highlight in a page, only the first was displayed.
    • Fixed: Right click menu appeared even if the book list was empty.
  • v0.3.2.0
    • Page & Date reference for each highlight.
    • Option to show/hide page & date info that also affects if that info is going to be written in the saved text files.
    • Highlights are now sorted by page number.
    • Right clicking and selecting "View Book" did nothing.
    • If another file was in an '.sdr' folder (like an '.old' backup file) it could be selected instead of the normal metadata file.
    • Saved texts were displayed wrong in Windows Notepad due to Unix line breaks.
  • v0.3.1.2
    • New "Book Info" panel.
    • Option to delete the .sdr folders for specific books or even the books themselves.
    • Option to view a book with the system's viewer.
    • Added "Book Type" and "Read percent" columns.
    • Color-coded rows based on Finished/Completed state and the presence or not of the actual book.
  • v0.2.1.1
    • Added a "Modified" date column and option to pass
      folders or files as arguments.
  • v0.2.0.1
    • Totally re-written application with new GUI
    • New GitHub repository
    • Initial release
  • v0.1.5
    • Release version, nothing more to add
  • v0.1.1
    • Better Highlights detection
    • Cosmetic changes
  • v0.1.0
    • Initial release

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