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thanx samac.

I tried what u suggested. It still doesnt work.
do i hold fav/space bar and then press options? tried that too.
I did find 'activate favourites' and 'add to favourites' under the options in books. Activated it. Now it just says deactivate. Doesn't save anything there though.

I only use epubs and still no bookmarks options. I found the new firmware tho. No difference with that either.

I wanted to try changing the location of my books, i just don't know how to check if its correct and change it if it isnt.

thanx for trying. do u think its my unit? is it possible theres a fault with it?
Even tho (touch wood) iv had no other problems with it such as screen burning/dots/uneven text/gray areas/freezing/etc. ( gosh now i feel ungrateful )
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