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Question Confused.....Please Help!


I am so glad to have found a forum for iRiver!!!

I'v had my iRiver Story for a month now. Iv been converting my PDFs into ebooks using calibre, which is amazing and a huge help. Im happy with the unit except for a few small irritations:

I noticed i can never use the 'Favourites' button on my unit, as in whenever i try nothing happens. And favourites remains empty.

When reading a book there is no bookmark option under 'options' and the only thing that works is the recent book under menu but it NEVER remembers my zoom preference. Which is annoying.

When i received the unit there were some 200 classics preloaded on it though i could never view the titles, only the name of the Author. The rest gets cut off. But with Calibre my books are automatically arranged in folders according to Author. (I just noticed 'Search' doesnt work in my booklist either.
Are my books being saved in the wrong place? and if so how do i go about changing it. My books all appear under the My Folder menu - Books. I noticed the 'Book' menu on the main screen is empty as well as when i press the 'Books' button on the keypad, nothing happens.

I have no idea what firmware i have though i did try downloading the 1.61 that iv heard about, however i cant seem to find it! I'v checked on the iRiver website under downloads. It isnt there. Does any1 know where i can find this download? And will it help with my problems?

Thanx a mil!
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