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Calibre ebook viewer - epub - links shown as footnotes


I've noticed that in an epub file, links whose text contains <sub></sub text are displayed in the footnotes panel.
E.g.: <a href="../Text/07.xhtml#toc_marker-4-2">1.2 Title text X<sub>x</sub></a>
This one opens the destination in the footnotes panel.
All the links are in the TOC file. That is, an XHTML file with the TOC. The epub also contains a spine which works as expected (no sup/sub text shown though).
I'm using the latest Calibre version, 2.54.0 x86, on Windows 7 x64.

I remember this not being the case in some previous version - can't remember which one though. It does not happen in the 1.48 x86 version (on Windows XP x86).

In an older epub, I had footnotes displayed only on links as the one below:
<a href="../Text/15.xhtml#Anchor-94"><span class="endnote-marker char-style-override-1">1</span></a>

This, of course, is not a showstopper issue. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts.

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