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Originally Posted by jhowell View Post
The screensaver program for jailbroken Kindles uses to extract the cover from KFX books. That is a program I wrote in 2016 based on my understanding of KFX at that time.

Kfxmeta assumes that the first image found in a KFX file is the cover. That is true for KFX files delivered by Amazon, which have book metadata (including the cover) in a separate file from the book content. But is is not always true for KFX files created by KFX Output since they have everything in a single file. It was only by chance that the screensaver ever worked properly for KFX Output books.

Kfxmeta could be updated to handle covers more correctly, but that is a project that I do not have the time to take on right now.
ah thank you for this comprehensive answer and yeah this all tallies with my observed behaviour too. That it will find random chapter images, or publisher used images (that aren't covers), or facebook / twitter icons or any image it can find and use that as the cover.

Its kinda strange though at one point I had a working setup and KFX worked fine alongside it. Is there an easy accessible repo of past versions of kfx output so I could try those out and find a known working solution?

edit: stumbled upon this that might do the trick, time to do some testing

edit 2 to log some testing
kfx output v1.45.0 - calibre, version 5.6.0
ERROR: 'Unsupported Kindle Previewer 3 version 3.35.0 is installed (version 3.38.0 or newer required)
kfx output v1.44.0 - same as above
kfx output v1.41.1 - same as above

hmm im not sure how far back i'd need to go then, seems this repo doesn't start from initial development. i'll try kindle previewer 3.39.0 and see how that goes.

kfx output v1.41.1 - conversion succeed at least. Testing isn't promising though. nope, same issues as before.

will edit more if i can dig up older repo's of past kfx output versions to find one that works. Oh from digging through the changelog I can see that 'Version 1.34.0 - 12 Nov 2019 - Detect Kindle Previewer versions up to 3.35 and remove support for Previewer versions older than 3.32. Version 3.35 supports the widows/orphans CSS properties and vertical Japanese text.'

so thats the version i need to find somewhere.

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