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hmm i have a bit of a problem and i'm not sure where i'd go to get it fixed.

I have a Kindle Voyage, I use the kindle cover screensaver hack + I sideload everything in .kfx (coverted epub to .kfx)

Previously everything worked perfectly and the screensaver cover mod picked up all .kfx covers fine. I actually have the old version of the kindle previewer when it worked (Kindle Previewer 3.35.0)

Do you have any idea what has gone on from there to now, to break compatibility? I have a bunch of old .kfx books which load perfectly (created using whatever version kfx output was available around the same time as the above mentioned Kindle Previewer) but unfortunately any new ones I create just don't get picked up.

Any ideas how I diagnose this further?

edit: just to clarify, the books themselves sideload fine, the thumbnail exists and works - the only issue is that the screensaver cover mod no longer picks up the cover.

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