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steakhutzeee began at the beginning.
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Just created a .kpf file from .jpg images. Used that to create the kfx file from command line.

This is the log. It's ok? It's the first time i convert a comic book.

C:\Temp>calibre-debug -r "KFX Output" -- Homunculus_1.kpf Software versions: KFX Output 1.46.0, calibre 5.6 [64bit], Windows-10-10.0.18362 KFX Output plugin help is available at Converting Homunculus_1.kpf Processing container: Homunculus_1.kpf Removed 1 KDF SQLite file fingerprint(s) WARNING: Feature yj_non_pdf_fixed_layout already present in KPF Adding book_navigation Built approximate location_map with 254 locations WARNING: Unknown KCB data: book_state/book_input_type=4 WARNING: Unknown KCB data: metadata/edited_tool_versions= WARNING: Unknown KCB data: metadata/tool_version= kfxgen version: kfxlib-20201118 Features: CanonicalFormat-2, max_id-787, yj_non_pdf_fixed_layout-2, yj_publisher_panels-2 WARNING: Unknown kindle_audit_metadata: creator_version= Metadata: ASIN=R36VMG1EPCA61EFU8JR9BIEC8VNSMB3M, asset_id=CR!LBH73D5GHQ3ANUTYE78B62WTT3T9, book_id=e282rU93QXSTGnIihL_XMw0, cde_content_type=EBOK, content_id=R36VMG1EPCA61EFU8JR9BIEC8VNSMB3M, cover_image=760x1100, file_creator=KC, is_sample=False, override_kindle_font=False, reading_orders=1, selection=enabled, yj_fixed_layout=1, yj_publisher_panels=1 WARNING: KFX container created may be too large for some devices (52629185 bytes) Successfully converted to KFX
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