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Two quick case reviews

Hey guys (and girls) just joined and thought I would give a quick overview of the two cases I've had for me PRS 650.

I got my e-reader last week and bought the Proporta case for it. There has been some confusion over whether this is a pouch or a case as on most of the shop listings the picture is a case but the description is a pouch. I can confirm its a case.

To the case itself its not real leather and its quite thin with what I would presume to be a cardboard inlay between the two pieces of fabric. The white contrast stitching is well finished. The e-reader is connected by two small plastic pins at either end however they go into the e-reader quite deep and hold it well the plastic spine is also quite stiff much stiffer than the official Sony case.

The case however has quite a few issues one of which is very significant which I will get too soon. First the fabric this had already stretched after only two days of use. Secondly the plastic spine wasnít centred this appears to be a design choice on Proporta's part. I just found it irritating though. Finally and what sent the case back was that the glue that held the spine and consequently the e-reader in place began to fail after only 48 hours of use. I'm not sure if this is a one off or not but I wasnít best pleased. Iíve had numerous Proporta products in the past without an issue.

So after replacing that I bought the official Sony case. The case itself is beautifully constructed quite thick and incredibly well built. It uses both a nylon (I think) and leather material mix. It is very well stitched and feels quite substantial. The case is also equipped with four magnets one on each corner, which makes sure the case stays closed.

The issue with the case though is the spine connector. It is made of a very flexible plastic for a start which doesnít inspire confidence and also the pins that slot into either end of the e-reader are slightly smaller than the e-reader holes and so it creaks a little and moves around which is incredibly irritating at times. However the magnets help to limit this.

The case comes in at £40-£50 which is frankly ridiculous. Yes its a good case but its has in my opinion an appallingly bad mounting system which at the least should be made of a semi flexible coated metal to make it more secure.

All in all then neither are perfect. The Proporta case is quite nice as a basic case and I think I just got a bad one. The Sony case I'm looking at right now looks bang on. However should be included with the e-reader not as an optional accessory for a quarter of the price of the e-reader itself.

In all my main issue with both cases is the in my opinion stupid mounting system. Sony and case manufacturers really need to make a connection, which is both deep and relatively rigid. The plastic on both is admittedly easy to manufacture and integrate but in my opinion is barely up to the job of holding a £200+ device in place. If you have any questions please post below and I'll be happy to answer them.
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