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Sheehan, Perley Poore: Adventures of Kwa, Man of the Jungle. v1. 16 March 08

Man, don't ya just hate it when you're minding your own business in your little secret valley and some big old gnarly, stinky minotaur wants to rip you in half and drink your blood? Dude, I totally hate when that happens! Next time, I'll make like Kwa and have the jungle creatures lend me a hand!

Ok, ok, I'm kidding. This will never really happen to me because I'd rather spend my weekends eating grilled-cheese sandwiches, drinking way too much Mountain Dew and formatting ebooks. For some stange reason, women find that half-naked muscular, tanned jungle guys are more attractive than pasty white, nerdy guys who spend the weekend obsessing over getting e-book formatting just right. What's up with that?!

So rather than actually having a life, I'm posting two books of Kwa, Man of the Jungle. Basically a Tarzan knock-off that first appeared in the pulp mag, Thrilling Adventures.

This is good, ol' fashioned smashmouth pulp reading. Think of a really bad B-movie and this is about the same quality. The first book is actually terrible. It does have some good spots; the opening chapter is a pretty good read. It goes downhill after that. The second book is pretty decent though. Some nice gruesome, fast-paced action. It's the better of the two books and I should have made it the first book, but I finished the file before finished the books. Both are fairly short books and I finished reading both of them over the weekend.

I haven't been able to find the origin story, but the stories fill in enough detail to get you up to speed. They were written for pulp mags, so I think they were always counting on someone new just dropping in and starting to read them. As I find other Kwa stories, I'll add them to this collection and reload.

Here's the history:

Kwa's mother (still pregnant with little Kwa) and father were flying across Africa when the crossed over a large, unknown valley. We all know that when you are flying over an unknown valley, only bad things can happen. Right? Sure enough, they crash. The valley turns out to be the legendary Valley of Mu. The father dies in the crash and poor old mum only lives long enough to give birth to a boy and name him Nathaniel.

It just so happens that they crashed close to a tribe of chimp-like pre-humans. The Men That Are Not Yet Men. One of these creatures, Kek, adopts lil Nate and renames him Kwa, the Golden One.

Kwa grows up, learns to speak a secret universal "animal language" and learns the ways of living in the jungle. The Valley of Mu is home to all sorts of magic and weird mojo. You got your standard spider men, minotaurs, talking monkeys, thumb-sized squirrels and albino killer crocs--the usual creepy crawlies that keep us out of secret valley's.

The first book in this collection is Kwa and the Ape People. Kwa must face an evil spider god while trying to save his childhood tribe.

The second book in this collection is Kwa and the Beast Men. Kwa must face the evil Beast Men (big surprise!). They are a race of minotaurs that want to kill Kwa and drink his blood. Never a good thing.

Have fun.
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