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Both of these Penabled pens from Wacom work fine with the edge:

Penabled Tablet Pc Eraser Pen
Wacom UP-710E-00A (UPC 753218995780)
as of 3 April, 2010, $33.88 at amazon

Penabled Tablet Pc Clip Pen
Wacom UP-712-00AA (UPC 753218995773)
as of 3 April, 2010, $25.47 at amazon

As I understand it, "Penabled" is Wacom's designation for computer input displays which the edge uses. While many dedicated graphics tablets appear to use the same wireless/battery-less technology, I've found the pens for those tablets are rarely "Penabled" compatible. (and vice versa).

The edge (currently) does not support the eraser input of the first, more expensive pen listed above. So, the only real reason to spend more money would be if you have another device that supports the eraser and/or hope that support will be added to the edge. (Eraser support WOULD be a nice addition to the edge Journal app.) Save money and buy the cheaper Penabled pen. The cheaper one also comes with a built-in clip, so it is less likely to get lost.
The Wacom MP200 Penabled Tablet Pc Slim Pen on Amazon is $19.95 and perfeectly fits the slot on the PE