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Originally Posted by chaley View Post
Switching between libraries without also switching your preferences is asking for difficulties. There are several configuration items besides column layout that might not make the transition easily. For example, saved searches might depend on a column that is no longer there. The saved sort might sort a column that isn't there, or sort the wrong column. Saved user categories might reference items that no longer exist. Tag browser hidden categories might not make sense with the new library, referring to categories that no longer exist. The geometry (shape) of the window might not make sense for the new window. Any of these problems could cause calibre to die mysteriously.
Would it make sense then to store any library specific preferences within the libraries' DB itself? That way switching libraries gets you the new preferences, too?

Originally Posted by chaley View Post
In all three cases, the tool isn't being used as designed.
Not trying to nit-pick or argue - you guys are doing a *GREAT* job - so take this with a large grain of salt.

But maybe the tool isn't being design the way people need to use it? (Sorry, that's not meant to be as snarky as it sounds!) What I mean is that people have been wanting/needing & using Calibre to support multiple libraries since about day one. Kovid even coded in the --with-library command line option so we could point it at whichever library we want. I personally have a situation where one system runs libraries for two different groups of co-workers as well as an individual library for me. I cannot simply dump them into one library & use tags/saved searches. The libraries have to be kept separate for internal, legal & ethical reasons (eg. content purchased by one group cannot be available to the other.) I had never before heard the requirement that these should be run as different users. (that raises it's own issues for me since I would need to request application specific user accounts and would need to get them approved through security. And I used to support 8 libraries - oh happy, happy, joy, joy! 8 sets of paperwork & approvals...thankfully saved searches has allowed me to merge those 8 down to 3.)

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