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Great article and review Bob! I've been considering this book for a while even though I'm already aware of or do many of the things he covers in the book, but it's always nice to get someone else's take, especially if it's well written. I'll probably get it in a traditional paper version so I can let other people borrow it more easily.

I agree with you whole heartedly: The more education for the masses from books like this, the better the future will be for all PDA users. Hopefully we'll see more books like this.

IMO it's also our job as technology enthusiasts, early adopters and seasoned PDA users to be vocal advocates for our favorite personal technology. Hopefully, dedicated user websites will help get the message out and educate the masses, providing a medium to discuss the pros and cons of technology, as well as unofficial customer support and a collective voice that must be listened to by manufacturers.


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