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Originally Posted by kdoc View Post
Re a Home Page: where exactly is "Menu" When I hit that little stripped rectangular icon on the bottom of the browser, I get Add bookmark, share, fine in page, history, downloads and settings. Where is Menu. Also, concerning Bookmarks, let's say I bookmark will I be brought back with a bookmark to the same day and time on NYTimes, or will I be brought to the date and time I was on when I bookmarked it?
When you hit that little striped rectangular icon, that is the MENU button. What options you get when you select this icon is based on what application you are running. The bookmark icon next to the menu icon will allow you to manage bookmarks.

Regarding your NYTimes question, that would depend on how the NYTimes web developer coded the application. It does NOT depend on the browser. My educated guess is that it will return to the exact page you bookmarked, depending on the page. Some developers will use a date stamp for certain pages. Such as a page called "Today's News".

Hope this helps.
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