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Unhappy Kindle Touch and Swedish-English dictionary


I would like to read books in Swedish with my Kindle Touch. However, Swedish is not my first language and sometimes there are words I don't know and it would be great to be able to tap the word in question and get it explained either in Swedish or in English. I thought this would be an easy thing to do but little did I know... I have tried to fix this for several days now and I'm getting desperate. So, please help me?

Here's what I have done so far:

1. I bought a Swedish-English dictionary (This one) and I have it on my Kindle.

2. I went to Settings > Device options > Language and Dictionaries >Dictionaries. There is only "English" on the list so I clicked it. In that section I'm able to choose between to dictionaries, the one I bought and one that was on my Kindle when I got it (Oxford dictionary of English). I chose the one I bought (An Electronic Swedish Dictionary).

3. I have a book written in Swedish on my Kindle (the meta of the book says the language is Swedish) When I'm reading it and I tap a word, my Kindle says "Dictionary not found. There are no dictionaries on your device for this book's language."

4. I changed the language of the book to English using Calibri. I also deleted the Oxford dictionary of English from my Kindle. (I figured that if my Kindle thinks that the Electronic Swedish Dictionary is an English dictionary, it would use it on my book if there was no other available options... Not sure if anyone can see any logic here! ) --> This didn't work.

5. I used Calibri to change the language of the Electronic Swedish Dictionary to Swedish (suprisingly it was originally English in the meta). After changing the language I sent the dictionary to Kindle (in txt-format, using my address), but my Kindle doesn't recognize it as a dictionary anymore.

What can I do to solve this? There has to be some way to get Swedish words translated (or explained), right? What am I doing wrong? Is there something wrong with my device? My device language is English.

I have read that Sweden might become a "Kindle-country" in the near future. I guess that will solve my problem, but is there anything I do before that?

I would really appreciate your help. Thank you in advance!

Edit. I managed to change the language of the Electronic Swedish Dictionary to Swedish and transfer the dictionary back to my Kindle by USB. Now Kindle recognizes it as a dictionary, but it's still not working.

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