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I´ve just got the mine here, in Spain. I'm a little dissapointed and I think the device will need some improvements:

- Firstly the zoom in/out on images is not possible. Disgusting because maybe I could need to do it in some pictures.
- Rotate images is not possible too. I would like reading comics and for me the landscapes is a better option than retrait mode but it' doesn't work. Terrible.
- A led to indicate the charge of device could be great. I'm not sure if my device is totally charged.
- Multiple languages availables but only English dictionary.
- Pathetic zoom in/out on PDFs documents (portrait and landscape mode), very limited and not useful if you need it f.e on text with images.
- Only one font available
- I tried to auto-sleep the device and the power button doesn´t work correctly. I have to wait for the automaticaly auto-sleep function.
- The manual. Can I call "manual" to one description sheet?! No!!
- Nothing about the device in the main iRiver Website.

Ok, the screen looks great but the options are limited and make this device useless in several aspects. I prefer my Kindle 3.

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