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Kobo PDF Solutions

Hello everyone!

I recently purchased a Kobo Libra H2O for a lightweight solution for reading on a backpacking trip, but now I'm running into some problems.

Let me explain my situation. I'm a graduate student that primarily reads academic pdfs or document scan pdfs, the latter of which I run through a program to make searchable. I installed koreader onto my kobo and have really enjoyed the reading experience, but now I have the problem wanting to sync my pdf highlights and notes between documents on my kobo and my mac.

I've been pulling my hair out all morning trying to do this. I rather naively supposed that this would be a fairly standard feature, but after pouring through kobo forums, koreader forums, calibre forums, and plugin lists, I remain mystified. I generally prefer to hardwrite the annotations into the pdf and sync the pdf, but after being stymied on that front I decided to try to evernote plugin in koreader only to have it repeatedly crash on me at login.

I'm not bound to any of the programs I have already mentioned as potential solutions. At this point, I don't particularly care if the highlights or annotations are exported to other files or if they are hardwritten into the pdfs, but generally I'm a little odd in that I prefer the latter. The only thing that I'm bound by is hardware and a reluctance to pay more money for other services, such as dropbox or evernote, especially given that I already have onedrive and onenote. I just want to sync my pdfs without manually copying and pasting every time I read on my mac or kobo. Any help that you all can offer is more than welcome. Thanks!

(P.S. Sorry if this post is more germane to the koreader forum than the kobo forum. I'm new here, and since I figured that I'm open to any kobo-related solution, I should post it here. Thanks again.)
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