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Originally Posted by tomsem View Post
Go to the Manage Your Content and Devices page on Amazon (or in Amazon mobile app) and check to see what the Default Device is (or make sure the Kindle in question is Default). Iíve been having a problem over the last year or two where default device changes without my having done anything. My theory is that it happens whenever I register a new Amazon device or Kindle app, but it might be something more random. In any case it is annoying.

Obviously if the default device points somewhere other than the device you are using, purchase made elsewhere will not show up automatically on it.
Thanks for the suggestion. I just checked and the replacement Oasis is still listed as the default. Just in case there's a hiccough with that listing I've tried sending a book and selecting the Oasis from the drop-down list to make sure it's definitely going to the right device. No joy.

The customer service agent phoned back just now. She's found out that the download queue is called the job list and that it can be cleared. What a nice lady for going to ask someone for the answer. Anyway, mine had over 4 pages of books pending, which is over 100 titles. Exactly what I expected! She cleared it Ö and nothing. Kindle still won't download. My recent purchase still won't show up anywhere on the device. That was my last idea so now I'm completely stumped.

The case is being sent back to the engineer team. I'll hear again in 3-5 days.
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