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Originally Posted by Morpheus Phreak View Post
Indeed, but the thread was targeted at existing KSO model owners.

I was pointing out that the easier (and morally correct) way to do this would be to just de-register it from the program officially through Amazon.

I actually enabled the KSO stuff on my Kindle on purpose just to see what the program is like and how it works. So far I'm leaving it on, but will probably turn it off again at some point if I don't see any good offers after a while. I still have admash installed and use that to vote for the ads I think look best.
Glad to see this thread. Just got my Kindle Touch today (yay for Christmas, thanks mom!) and was a little disappointed to see the ads, as I didn't know there were ads were on Kindles (I guess why wouldn't there be though, right?). Not that the ads are the end of the world, but it's not like they handed out the Kindle for free. I (or in this case my parents) paid for it, why should I look at ads?

I think I'll just go pay the fee on Amazon and keep my ability to get updates intact. But I also wouldn't paint this decision in moral terms; it's not like anyone is going to Hell for jailbreaking their Kindle. Amazon released the code for the programming thus allowing jailbreaking, so it's not like I'd be cheating them. And so the $30 is essentially a fee to continue getting updates. It's not a moral choice, it's an economic one. I'd like my product not to become obsolete when Amazon updates the software, so I will pay the fee.
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