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Originally Posted by willCode4Beer View Post
It's a very interesting idea.

I use Linux for my primary os (I'm a software developer) and every distro I've used always has an option to print to pdf from any application (it just looks like a printing device).

You've got me thinking, I could probably scribble a script to make a new print "device" that actually creates a 3.5 * 4.75 pdf and auto-magically mails it to the kindle (or copies to a sync directory).

I'd have to think about how to go about this on windows. I could probably write a faux driver to emulate the same behavior.
Glad I have got a programmer interested!

The challenge (I think) is not so much making the virtual printer driver itself as getting the page to flow correctly to it. I have setup my Word docs to be A5 ish size which is the closest standard size page, and then output to pdf, but its not really ideal.

Interesting to hear if you make any progress even on Linux first. I usualyl run Windows but can always run a livedisk to try it out.
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