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Kindle 2 as a printer

I am trying to use my Kindle as if it was a printer. Presently using several PDF printers (such as PDFCreator) to help.

The problem is of course that most Word documents are created in A4 format, and most page setups for other programs assume A4 format too.

I had a good tip from daffy4u (thanks!) to change the format of the source Word document to 3.5 * 4.75 as a custom paper size. I have also use the built in A5 format with some success.

Now instead of printing my international travel confirmations on pieces of paper that get more and more dog eared, I can print to pdf and carry them on my Kindle, along with information and books galore.

What I really want though, is a 'clever' printer driver that will print to either PDF or AZW or MOBI - dont really care which. It should know that the destination paper size is A5 and automatically reflow the text to display correctly. Its a big ask I know, but it would make the Kindle that much more useful. Lots of web pages now have printer friendly options so lots of options would be opened up by this.

I'd buy it anyway. Or maybe I just made the case for the Kindle DX (too expensive).
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