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Originally Posted by tropicallie View Post
I hate to keep harping on this because no one else seems to be having this problem but as of today, I can't transfer library books again. This time I get an error stating "Loan token update failed". If I recall correctly, the Glowlight Plus had this identical problem when it was released. I've spent hours deregistering, uninstalling ADE, re-installing ADE, re-authorizing everything and it's still a mess. My other Nooks aren't having any problem. It was months before they fixed the issue on the Plus. So now I have to decide if I really want to keep this thing. For now, I've turned it off, shoved it in a drawer and am using my Voyage.

Mostly just thinking out loud here, but how long are you waiting between when you load the library book and before you open it? Also have you tried restarting it? I have issues with library books on my Glowlight Plus (not the 3, but still pretty close and supposedly has the same software). I have found that I have to wait for a while and restart to get them to show up and work. But after that I have not had issues.

Also what folder location are you putting your library books in?
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