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Originally Posted by Question Mark View Post
Actually, you may be right. It could be that there is a domestic model of the A2 Pro without Google Play. I had assumed that since they were online Chinese marketplaces that they were domestic devices. It could be that they are offering international models on those sites which are frequented by foreigners.
I think AliExpress and other sites will sell what's coming down the pipe and if it shifts sell more of it. Both the Yota3 and 3+ are available on AliExpress for example and they'll ship them wherever.

However, if it made enough financial sense for them to do it for the A2 Pro, I would have thought it would make even more sense to do it for the A6... But perhaps that's why I'm not in marketing and finance.
Yes, sadly the marketing behind eink isn't large, the mainstream reviewers don't get it. I assume that they've not lived with an eink device and move on to the next hyped Samsung device gifted them at a launch party while dismissing the eink display as a weird expense... and the phone not having the latest OctaCore XZY93 processor with the ABC55A video accelerator is therefore out of date! There's a reason Samsung who, imho, make so so devices dominate the market and that's marketing spend.

I also read that Google are requiring more control over devices before they will license their framework now, so it might be more expensive and less interesting for manufacturers of niche devices to bother complying with the Google demands for such a small market.

But despite being small, we are enthusiastic so I hope that because we continue to buy these devices they'll continue to make them, and make international Google compliant versions too.

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