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Syncing Non-Amazon purchased books on Kindle App and Device


I'm new to Kindle books, but have been using Apple iBooks for some time now. Now that I'm in Grad School, and having to read a lot of books, I realize how limiting iBooks are since they will not (officially) move to other devices. I just got a Kindle about 6 weeks ago and love it, but also need to bounce around from that to the Kindle App on 2 macs, and very rarely, my iPhone.

Unfortunately, I still have a lot of iBooks I need to read for school and keep synced on all devices, the Kindle itself, and the MacOS app in particular. There is no major problem doing this with Amazon purchased books, but apparently, I cannot send or sync an iBook, even one with DRM removed (in MOBI format), to the MacOS kindle app. And that's really where I most want to read it. I chatted with Amazone Kindle help and all they would say was no, no, no. Can't do it. Now I'm wondering if that's just the party line and they don't want to help a student out, or if it's really true or not.

Just to be clear, using Calibre, I can get the iBook into a MOBI format that you can open and read in the App and on the Kindle itself. What I don't know how to do, if it's possible, is to keep it synced with the Kindle and the other Kindle app on the other Mac.

Is there any way to do this?

What I've learned is that buying iBooks is a stupid, narrow, limiting thing when they restrict it to only Apple devices. I really hate that and will only buy Amazon books from here on out.

In the meantime, is there a reasonable way to do what I want to do?
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