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Question Happy Marvin user with one n00b Q re highlighting text

I've now read thousands of pages with Marvin, and am completely happy with it. One thing though that I'm a little curious about, is whether I can somehow highlight and "remember" favourite passages from a book, i.e. highlight a wonderful sentence or useful fact while reading, and then later browse a list of all my highlighted text passages.

I did try highlighting, for fun, but got a bit confused as Marvin seemed to want to translate or do dictionary lookup for me, which wasn't my intention. I did Google around a bit looking for "how to save highlighted quotes in Marvin" and similar search terms, but so far haven't found an answer. So if this is a really stupid question, please forgive.

I sure wish the dev would hand off the source to someone else to keep it going, because I'll be heartbroken the day that Apple finally breaks Marvin with one of their iOS updates. In fact, I might just stop updating the iPad I do most of my reading on, so I don't lose my beloved Marvin.
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