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In my (limited) experience the PRS-600 will lock up if the internal database is corrupted. Strangely enough, the exact same thing happens with the eBook Library software on my PC, which crashes if I connect a PRS-600 with said broken internal database.

At one point manually removing a few books from the database caused my PRS-600 to lock up instantly upon start. I proceeded to connect it to the PC whereupon it did get into USB mode fine, but then EBL crashed everytime I tried to start it. After manually removing everything on the readers memory and restarting the PRS-600 it booted normally again and EBL stopped crashing.

Why the software has no way to either fix DB problems or at the very least rebuild the DB index is beyond me - it seems a blatantly obvious feature in a device such as this, instead crashing the software is possibly the worst way to handle it. Luckily Calibre seems less picky about these things
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